Oh hey! Welcome to Sweat&Sparkle. 
I'm Sofia and I'm a west coast girl ready to start an adventure in South Florida! 

I'm an outgoing, adventure seeking, up for anything, strong and happy girl. I love sweating, but even more than that I love SPARKLES. I made my fist big move last year, trading my hometown of Seattle for hipsterville Portland. 

Just love this place! 

I am a HUSKY and was a coxswain on the women's rowing team for three years. Living in Oregon didn't stop me from repping the PURPLE and GOLD, so I doubt Florida will be any different! 


Portland has treated me well. Being in a new place forced me to discover my passions and interests. I was always on sports teams growing up, even competed on a D1 level in college, but it wasn't until I started running and joined CrossFit that I realized how truly passionate I am about health and fitness. 

I have run four half marathons in four different states! 

I ran my first full marathon on the Fourth of July 2012. 

In the last six months I have learned how to push my body and am 
constantly amazed at everything it does for me. 

Sauvie Island 4th of July Marathon!! Getting after it. 

26.2 miles of sweat&sparkles

After 9 years as a coxswain I was terrified of the erg when I joined CrossFit
 -- now I love posting new bada** scores!

First half-marathon; Nike Women's Half in San Francisco. Those hills were no joke, but then again, neither was the Tiffany Finisher's medal: 

I run to be... ME!

Here is a disgusting cool pictures you will be treated to if you follow my blog:  

This blog is not just about SWEAT, it is also about all the fun that goes on after the work-outs, namely the SPARKLE. I probably own more sequined, glittery, sparkly tops than anyone over the age of 7 should. BUT WHO CARES?! Yes, sometimes I need to reign it in, but ultimately glitter and sparkles make me happy -- and a happy Sofia is the best Sofia! 

Awesome outfit from a trip to Ft. Lauderdale... see,
 South Florida and I were meant to be. 

Goodbye party in Seattle... do I look South Florida enough yet?!

Sweat&Sparkle at NoPo Run Club, going to miss these girls! 

I've recently started eating "clean" and big part of that has been integrating AdvoCare into my life. In the last month this Seattle girl has given up Starbucks *ahem* coffee and diet soda, as well as gluten, alcohol, refined sugars and most dairy products. I feel better than ever! My body has the energy it needs to get through my crazy work outs, and even better, its finally starting to look the part. I hope to integrate recipes and information about my eating habits into this blog. 

My blender cup along with meal shakes are my new best friends! 

I am studying to become a Speech Language Pathologist, and am simultaneously excited and nervous about what graduate school is going to look like. It is a pretty intensive program, consisting of both course work and clinical work. I can't believe that I am going to be treating clients in t-minus one month. Luckily we get to wear these bad boys to make it oh-so official: 

When I get mine I'll have to find a palm to stand next to... 

So if you want to see pictures of crazy SWEATY work outs, or be inspired by the magic of SPARKLES, then this the blog for you! 

Thanks for reading! 

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