The worst BEST times of my life:

2015 Boulder Sunrise Sprint Triathlon, Boulder, CO 
Finish Time: 1:47.06 - 4th in AG 

2015 BRAC Senior Road Race Championship, Deer Trail, CO 
42 miles 
Finish Time: 2:33.52

2015 Colorado Half-Marathon, Fort Collins, CO 
Finish Time: 2:07.44 

2015 Foot Hills Gateway Flying Pig 5k, Fort Collins, CO 


2014 Jax Tri Series #2 Sprint Tri, Amelia Island, FL
Finish Time: 1:21.48 - 3rd in AG 

2014 Dunedin Sprint Tri, Dunedin, FL
Finish Time: 1:10.41 - 3rd in AG 

2014 Maderia Beach Sprint Tri, Maderia Beach, FL
Finish Time: 1:11.41 - 4th in AG 

2014 Escape from Ft. Desoto Sprint Tri, St. Petersburg, FL 
Finish Time: 1:14.07 - 4th in AG 


2013 Jingle Bell Run 5k, Jacksonville, FL 
Finish Time: 24:16 {PR}

2013 Ruth Eckerd Hall Holiday Hustle 5k, Clearwater, FL
Finish Time: 25:10

2013 Augusta Half IronMan 70.3, Augusta, GA 
Finish Time: 5:53.05 {PR}

2013 Courage to Tri Sprint Triathlon, St. Petersburg, FL 
Finish Time: 1:21.01 - 3rd in AG 

2013 Jax Tri Series Race #3 Sprint Triathlon, Fernandina Beach, FL 
Finish Time: 1:27.36

2013 Altheta Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon, Seattle, WA 

Finish Time: 1:26.42 - 10th in AG 

2013 Top Gun Sprint Triathlon, Ft. DeSoto, FL 
Finish Time: 1:10.20 

2013 Madeira Beach Sprint Triathlon, Madeira Beach, FL 
Finish Time: 1:15.11 

2013 St. Anthony's Triathlon Olympic Distance, St. Petersburg, FL 
Finish Time: 2:41.34 {PR}

2013 Collegiate Nationals Olympic Distance, Tempe, AZ 
Finish Time: 3:00.36 

2013 San Juan Half IronMan 70.3, San Juan, PR 
Finish Time: 7:06.27

2013 Port St. Lucie 2575 Sprint Triathlon, Pt. St. Lucie, FL
Finish Time: 1:22.32

2013 Gasparilla 15k, Tampa, FL 
Finish Time: 1:25.2

2013 Rock n Roll Half Marathon, St. Pete, FL 
Finish time: 2:05.00

2013 Best Damn Race Half Marathon, Safety Harbor, FL 
Finish time: 1:57.24 {PR}

2013 Miami to Key West, Ragnar Relay, Florida 
(Runner #6) 
Finish time: 30:52.35 


2012 IronGirl Half Marathon, Clearwater, FL 
Finish time: 2:23.01

2012 RocknRoll Half Marathon, Portland, OR
Finish time: 2:16.00

2012 Over the Dam Run 10k, Coulee, WA
Finish time: DNF

2012 ColorRun 5k, Seattle, WA
Finish time: 27:36

2012 Starlight 5k with Girls on the Run, Portland, OR
Finish time: n/a

2012 Sauvie Island Marathon, Portland, OR
Finish time: 5:06.31

2012 Craft Dash, Portland, OR
Finish time: n/a

2012 Escape from Miami Olympic Distance Triathlon, Miami, Florida
Finish Time: 3:10.58

2012 Beach Beast 5k + obstacles, Tampa, FL
Finish Time: 26:33.3 {5th in my age group}

2012 Suncoast Triathlon Sprint Triathlon, Ft. DeSoto, FL
Finish Time: 1:19.32

2012 USF TriBulls vs. USF Cycling Time Trial, Flatwoods, Tampa, FL
Finish Time: 22:09

2012 Seattle Half Marathon, Seattle, WA
Finish Time: 2:02.30 

2012 ColorRun 5k St. Petersburg, FL 
Finish Time: 25:31


2011 Nike Women's Half Marathon, San Francisco, CA
Finish time: 2:26.34

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