Monday, December 17, 2012

Life Is Heavy...

Afterall, it's the only moment you have. 

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions. I let myself worry about a lot of petty things: does this boy like me? do my peers at school like me? (noticing a trend yet?) what will I wear to such-and-such event? The only important thing I really had to worry about was passing my final and then enjoying a few days of freedom in Tampa. Friday brought me back to reality real quick. Yes my worries are important and ever present to me, but they are mostly insignificant and lately haven't pertained to the most important aspects of my life. Right now I am thankful for my family and my friends. I am thankful for the community I have found and am ready to focus on what I do have. I am thankful for my health. I've done a lot of crying the past few days, I have a hard time understanding why this keeps happening. A friend of mine has put together a bit of a charity run: The Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Half Marathon and 5k. It is going to be a virtual event, meaning you can do it anywhere, at anytime, with anyone you choose between January 1st and January 31st. I just signed up, and will either dedicate my Ragnar miles to the cause or will try to organize some runners in Tampa to do it together. I'm not sure our donation is the most important way to help those in Sandy Hook, and I'm not sure the event needs more awareness, but I do feel compelled to do something. If you are feeling similarly then you should join us! Maybe it's selfish, and more about me and feeling as though I contributed, but sometimes thats what you need. 


On a lighter note, I had a lot of fun this weekend at the Color Run.

St. Pete Edition!

I'd done the Color Run in May in Seattle - but ran it alone. Having this awesome group to enjoy the experience with made the run easily ten times more fun!

We were so sparkly white to begin with! 

By the end we were pretty dirty. 

I looked a wee bit like an Oompa Loompa! 

Might have a little bit to do with having sprinted to the front. Those color throwers are really excited when they haven't thrown any color yet! Had a fast time. I just can't resist "racing," even at an un-timed fun run!  

I had a lot of fun with this lovely lady! Celebrating her divorce by wearing the dress to the run. She was a hit -- even made it on stage to wobble with the best of them. 

Loved running "The Happiest 5k on Earth" with the "Happiest Run Club on the Planet!!"

We ran for color. 

Not sure my teeth have ever looked this white! 

 Even the Runicorn knows the wobble! 

What a fun group of ladies! Post-wobble with the Runicorn. 

As if that wasn't enough fun, I had to jet out after to fit in my 30 mile bike ride. It is so hard to juggle the training and the fun extras sometimes! The ride felt pretty good. Four laps at Flatwoods. Mentally the first two laps were the hardest. I didn't feel like being there and I wanted to go back to the car. Tracking my workouts with CharityMiles helps me commit to the miles. I know the miles I'm supposed to be posting, and I know my training partner knows too. I don't think she's judging or watching to make sure I do the right miles, but I like that it keeps me accountable. By the second two laps I was in a good groove and was glad to be in the sunshine. Only swallowed two bugs. Score.  

Final, did someone say final? Don't worry - I rocked it! 

Gotta look smart to perform smart, right?! 

Sunday I had an 8-miler ahead of me and 1,200 yards   in the pool. December 16th and I ran in this: 

According to the calendar it is nearly Christmas. The weather has yet t be informed. I rarely run without a shirt, but I figured I can use all the Vitamin D I can get! Plus I'm going to be suffering under layers for the next few weeks. 

Can I tell you that I'm having a bit of a change of heart about this whole running skirt thing? I used to HATE them. Seriously. Couldn't stand them and didn't understand why women like them. I a little bit used to judge women, thinking they were being a bit vain. I'm starting to appreciate that they enable you to wear short shorts - good for the heat and for some range of motion freedom; without having to worry about tugging your shorts down! Can I get a yay for modesty?! Plus maybe I'm getting a bit vain. I work out so much, it is a little nice to think I might look a little attractive while I do it. I only have the one, picked it up at Value Village the last time I was in Seattle. Might need to snoop around for a cuter one. 

I almost forgot to report about Sweating for Charity, Sparkling for Brews!! 

We had a good turn out (35!) and donated far more than that to Charity. Thank you to everyone who came out! 

Can't be a sparkle event without some sparklers! And check out Amanda's sweet "Run Happy" hat from Run Pretty Far! Not only did she win a raffle item, but it was the one she wanted! Love it when this stuff works out. 

I lost it when the sparklers went off. I was trying to take pictures of all the raffle item winners, but I completely lost the ability to compose myself once I saw 35+ sparklers waving around! I'm not sure these people truly appreciated my love of sparkles before. 

Snuck this one in before I went cray. These lucky ladies each won a Viva Diva headband from Sweaty Bands! 

A big thanks to both Run Pretty Far and Sweaty Bands, not to mention the Pour House for letting us host the event (and for all the beer, duh!). 

Can't wait to plan my next event... thinking of doing a tacky/wacky prom theme for February! Thoughts?? 

I had a lot more I wanted to share with you, but I'm writing this from the Tampa airport, and it's nearly time to board. 

Headed to get my Portlandia on! I'll have to compose some more thoughts on the plane and post them after. I want to tell you all about all the events I'm already signed up for in 2013! I did 10 organized events in 2012, and so far I already have 8 lined up between now and April! Might have overloaded my schedule. But what else is new? 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

Are you doing any events in 2013? Which ones? Are you traveling over the holidays, if so, how are you keeping up with your fitness/training? 

You'll have to read the next post to find out which ones are already on my docket! 

Headed to Portland today, then on up to Seattle! Packed my bike shoes, with my handy-dandy Y membership I get 12 guest entries to other Y's. So I'm going to be living it up at the Y-M-C-A!! If anyone has an extra bike floating around Seattle, I'd be glad to take it off your hands for a few hours every now and then ; ) 

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