Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rolling With My Homies

At least that is my motto for the trip home. It is easy to get wrapped up in drama when you go home - who is available? Who is calling? What have I been invited to or more insultingly, what haven't I been invited to? These were the questions that used to inundate me in the past over the holidays. Which aren't a fun way to spend the time that we are supposed to be using to relax, rejoice and celebrate. So this year there will be none of that. I have my training to keep me occupied, I have a few things I'd like to do, but otherwise I'm just going with the flow. And I'm going to enjoy the time that I have in the beautiful city! 

Supposedly the world ended yesterday. I'm glad that the mountains came out to enjoy the occasion. This is one of my favorite views in Seattle. It is not one many people recognize or celebrate. Neither the Space Needle nor Mount Rainier are in this shot. No ferries or coffees either! Just a good shot of home - Union Bay, Lake Washington viewed over Interlaken with the Cascades booming in the background. From my days on the rowing team, those waters were my playground, the hills in Laurelhurst my enemy. Growing up on Capitol Hill this park was on my mom's walking route, and was a favored spot to stop for a few cartwheels while enjoying the view! 

I can't believe I don't live around the Mountains anymore! 

Caught breakfast at OddFellows yesterday morning. Love this place! 

A chicken, cheese and leek quiche paired with bottomless drip coffee - don't mind if I do. 

I take my coffee black love black coffee, but when I saw this Vanilla infused simple syrup I had to give it a try. When in the land of novelties, go for it! 

Honestly I don't think I added enough to taste the difference. I was afraid of ruining my coffee. Since I don't drink coffee anymore when I am in Florida, I've lost my desire for sweet coffees. At home I let myself indulge, but pretty much stick to the black stuff. 

After dropping my mom off at her eye appointment, I had just enough time to sneak in my swim/run at the Y. Thank goodness for the Y membership! With my regular dues I get 12 free passes to go to any other Y in the country. Makes training at home a lot more manageable. 

Oh yeah, just enough time before the DENTIST. Yuck. I have serious dentist phobias. And not because it hurts to get my teeth cleaned, but because I am always embarrassed and a bit ashamed of my teeth. I had some terrible experiences with dental hygienists growing up. Women who said some very not nice things about my teeth to me. I get panicky sitting in the chair, and can barely speak and answer questions I'm so anxious. Luckily there were only a few tears yesterday. I felt bad because the lady doing the cleaning was so nice. And I knew she thought I was upset because I was afraid it would hurt, but I couldn't tell her it was because I was just really embarrassed. 

Here's the good news: no cavities! no problems! and the dentist is a HUGE Husky fan. Got to look at these (and many, many more) posters during the cleaning. Score. 

Spotted this nifty bike sculpture at a house by the dentist's office: 

Love being back amongst a biking culture. 

After the dentist I treated myself to a wee bit of shopping at the best store in Seattle - Curtsy Bella. 

Love this "Sparkle" tumbler. They also had ones that said "Glitter" and "Shine." Managed to walk out only buying gifts for others. A huge accomplishment for me. The amount of glitter in that store throws me over the edge sometimes, and I forget that I neither need nor can afford to buy everything I want in there! 

Plus why impulse buy when you can impulse flex for fun? Snapped this for the new Flex Friday craze going around. Then promptly forgot to post it. I was too excited to go lift with my friend Ruth! We both used to be into the CrossFit, of course I stopped to focus on Tri Training, she switched over to the straight Olympic lifting. 

Ruth may have forgotten to mention that she lifts outside. In the cold. In December. Luckily I heat up fast working out, and sweat balllllssss. So even though I was the coldest to begin, I soon stripped down the farthest. 

Glowing butt!!

 We did 4 sets of two back squat - I did one set at 100 lbs, but otherwise hung out around 80. Hard to say because everything is in kilos and I am not very well versed in that! 

It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot from her coach. It was nice to be coached by someone who could explain exactly why we were doing the movements, exactly how to do them, which muscles they would work and which other movements would be improved because of what we were targeting. I learned how to do REAL russian deadlifts. Upright rows. Worked on my snatch for awhile too. All in all a good time. 

I had a bit more to share, but I'm sitting in Starbucks in Fremont and my mom just walked in. Seeing as how she is my ride to the gym I better get a move on! 

More to share later. 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle. 

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