Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{365 Blank Pages to Fill}

Welcome to 2013! 

I had my own mini party to ring in 2013. Just the right amount of sparkles and champagne to celebrate a new beginning, before heading off to bed, ready to wake up fresh for the first day of the new year. After all it was 

"...the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write an amazing one..." - Cristina 

I don't know about you, but I wrote a pretty fantastic first page for 2013: 

Woke up slowly and mozied my way over to Flatwoods for a ride. 

{40 minutes moderate + 10 minutes hard}

Such a great ride. First lap was a bit shaky, taking nearly two weeks off from my bike has left me a little rusty. The second lap was amaze-balls. The wind was something fierce, but a little competition from another woman biker (finally!) kept my pace fast (think 19mph!), then I kicked it into high gear for the 10 minutes. A pretty large man was drafting off me for those 10 minutes. At first I was annoyed. Couldn't he help me and let me draft off him?! But then I realized I should be flattered. I was actually going fast enough for someone to draft off me. WOOHOO. Stayed under 3:00 minute miles (aka faster than 20MPH) for the whole ten minutes. This whole getting faster thing is fun! 

It's fuzzy, but I even sported one of my new tri suits for the ride. Tired of having to wash my bike shorts so often! Got this sucker for $20 from TJ Maxx in Seattle - score. 

Post ride I hustled my patootie home to change into some running clothes so I could meet up with folks at Jet City Espresso.

Yep, you guessed it ~ this is a Seattle run establishment! 

What better way to continue to ring in the New Year than to sweat with these folks? 

Followed that up with an Iced Oregon Chai Tea! 



Yes, definitely warrants a double yum. 

The day continued with a great lunch on the porch at Irish 31 with my friend Tim. No pictures, I was too hungry by the time my salad finally arrived to snap any - but boy was it good! Fresh greens, orange slices, blue cheese, apple slices, walnuts and yummy chicken.  

I had a few hours to kill, so I did some window shopping before heading over to MacDinton's to watch the Rose Bowl while waiting for Running for Brews to begin. 

First beer of 2013, watching the Rose Bowl and rocking my BEER socks! 

Ran my second 5k of 2013 with these troopers! If you are keeping track, I've already done a lot of sweating in 2013! 18 miles on the bike plus two 5k's. Getting after my resolution: leave my excuses in 2012. 

So what is next in 2013? 

Swimming with my girl Danielle at the Y then the rest of the day is dedicated to getting ready for: 

So much to pack and prep! Meeting my teammates (some of them for the first time) tonight at run club! I've been reading the blogs but I still have so many questions. I'll document the weekend well so as to write my own post about what I packed, what I wish I'd packed and what to expect. 

No matter what I'm determined to enjoy every minute of the experience. 

It's going to be a great opportunity to do a lot of thinking about my 2013 goals. Also my last weekend of freedom before my second semester of graduate school commences. Aka my first term with my very own client - eek. Definitely will need to leave some fears out there on the pavement! 

I have another fun announcement! I'm going to be working the expo at 26.2 with Donna for Run Pretty Far

Love this brand and I'm thrilled to be merging schemes and dreaming some parallel dreams. So if you are planning to run 26.2 with Donna look for me at the Expo Friday/Saturday and I'll return the favor with some cheers Sunday! 


If I learned anything in 2012, it is the importance of seizing the moment, saying YES and jumping into life. We are not living in eternity. All we are promised is the here and now. Life is happening right NOW. You can't save your joy for later, you need to experience it and find it now. I have so many things I want to say yes to on 2013. But most importantly, I want to continue to thrive in 2013; to live with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step. I want to face adversity with confidence and fortune with humility. This 365 page book has already begun. One page down, 364 left. Let's fill them with amazing stories of passion, integrity and strength. 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

What are your goals for 2013? What did your first page of 2013 look like? What will your favorite way to sweat be in 2013? 

PS Check out this cool google doc I'm using to track my 2013 mileage. I made one for the bike and one for runs. Just type in the miles you do every day and the document tracks to total mileage at the top and total mileage for the month on the side! Quick and free way to track everything. 

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