Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I have been crafting up a storm this weekend! Our living room is still a little pathetic has a ways yet to go, but the newest addition is helping make the place a bit more homey! I knew I wanted to DIY an entertainment center, and the past few months on pinterest convinced me this project was totally doable - so far it is going really well! 

Dresser as I found it at Goodwill 

Sunday morning I drove all over Tampa looking for something suitable. Hours of searching later, I found this guy hiding int he back. $40 and some sweat and curse words later he was finally in the front door. Monday morning I got up bright at early to scout out paint across the street at Lowes. I found a can of a pretty grey-blue for $5! For the next forty minutes I painted and waited on hold with our internet company. The joys of moving - right? 

I removed the top set of drawers so that we can put all the different electronic equipment there. Jessie getting her Master's in architecture, so she has access to all sorts of tools to help us drill holes in the back for cords. School can't start soon enough so that I can finish my project!! 

Along with the grey I found a small sample of turquoise for $1 and a couple other bright colors for a few bucks each. My plan was to go a bit crazy, maybe do a chevron pattern or another geometric pattern. However, once they grey was done I really liked it! Because of the dark wood the grey looks blue tinged and it is really pretty. I've decided to start incorporating colors slowly, the hardware was the first to get a jolt of color! 

 I am loving the turquoise! 

Now we just need a coffee table, side table and maybe an idea of what to do with our "inspiration room." The inspiration room is where our deck would be if we had opted for it, but they are a bit more expensive and honestly I don't see us sitting out on the deck. Right now it just has the stuff that Jessie is going to take to her studio when school starts, so next week it is going to be real empty! If anyone has any thoughts about what to do with an extra room let me know (pictures to follow...) 

Goodwill treated me well, I also found this cool vintage chair. The pripri is the best and hauled both the dresser and the chair... even if it was in two separate trips : ) 

At first I was going to have the chair in the corner for reading or chairdrobe or what have you, but with my NEW BED and desk there suddenly weren't any corners left. I bought a laptop desk, which is actually perfect for me, because if I have any big projects I'll want to head out to the dining room anyways to take over the big table. Anywhoo, I currently have the arm chair pulled up to the desk and it is perfect! It feels a little dramatic and extravagant, but then again, we are talking about me here! 

I bought the desk and shelves at Ikea today - super good deal and I really like how they look. Unfortunately our internet has been down since Saturday, despite my 35 minute phone call yesterday! So today I meant to build my desk while I waited on hold. Instead I was just on hold because there wasn't anyone home to help me carry my boxes in : ( 

I snapped this screen shot just as I was about to give up. In that 48:24 I vacuumed, organized drawers, washed dishes, checked the mail and shaved my legs! Thankfully I thought I should hang on until at least 50 minutes for a better screen shot when I was connected. They said they would send someone between 2 and 4. So I called just after noon and had to wait around the house until 4 for the internet guy! I am so glad that they sent someone competent who fixed the heck out of it. I have no time or patience anymore to wait for that long again! 

At least the wait gave me time to make an awesome lunch and prep some food for the week.

Also got to hang with this cute little guy: 

Jessie's rabbit! 

While the internet was being fixed I finished my desk and did another DIY craft for my room: 

I'll have to hide those cords! 

This was a print I made with Ashley at the South Lake Union Block Party two summers ago. It lived over my sink last year, and I love the print but hate how white the frame and matte was. I know white is white, but sometimes I get annoyed when it looks too white. 

So I attacked it with some painter's tape. 

And then covered it in my new grey paint. Slapped some purple on the matte, and now I have a funky new piece! 

I was upset at first when I saw that the grey had bled, but now I really like it.

Everything is still very much a work in progress, but so far I am happy with how everything is turning out. Last night Megan came by with my new-to-me mattresses! I helped her move some stuff into her new place and met one of her roommates, another girl in the program. We agreed to meet for dinner later and all went our separate ways to get cleaned up. While they actually showered and got ready, I noticed our internet was working and threw together yesterday's blog post. Whoops. 

At least dinner was casual, just a burger and a beer. But it was fun to get out and chat with new people. We have our first full day of orientation tomorrow and I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. I am really afraid that I am going to be very different from the rest of the girls in our program. I know this is a bit irrational, but I can't seem to help it! Once we all meet and they aren't a part of my imagination, but rather real people, I am sure my fears will subside. But right now I am a little bit terrified. 

Got all my papers printed for tomorrow and am grateful I get to sleep in a real bed before the gauntlet begins! I picked up some bedding at Ikea today and I love it! Loving the price doesn't hurt either : ) 

I still am struggling in the lighting department. No overhead light attached to the overhead fan, I bought some table lamps at Ikea but bought the wrong bulbs. I am too lazy busy to drive back down there so I ordered the right ones online. Still debating whether or not to try and figure out getting something to just install into the fan, but that's a conundrum for another day. Now I am finishing my dinner of gluten free granola with almond milk and typing this by the light from my bathroom. At least I am sitting in a cute comfy chair and a real desk and have my faithful teddy waiting for me in a real bed! That's a good long list of great adjectives and nouns. 

Goodnight, send positive vibes my way tomorrow - I'm gonna need them! 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

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