Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Only Boring People are Bored

Phew - I have complained a lot the past few days of being bored and somehow still didn't manage to find the time to blog - guess I wasn't that bored, right? 

I refuse to be boring!! This weekend was a challenge of finding things to do to keep my attention. Even though I still frequently caught myself muttering "I'm bored." I think I did a good job finding things to do in those instances. The best thing I did was pick up this book: 

I got about halfway through this weekend and love it! Consider it strongly recommended. 


Friday, after six hours of exhausting all the ways to record and score the COMPTON-Seals Screening Protocol (don't worry about what it is, just understand that it shouldn't have taken that long!) I joined a few girls from Muscle Madness at the USF gym. Now that I can't justify the expense of CrossFit I am having fun trying out as many classes as possible at the gym. So far I love the noon cycle on M/W. At first I was being a bit of a crossfit snob during the Muscle Madness class. "You want me to squat with 20lbs... ok... I can squat 150!!" But the class was less about lifting heavy and more about using a high number of reps to get to exhaustion quickly. For instance we started with barbell lunges on the right leg. We would go down for a count of 4, up for 4. Then down for 2 up for 2. Then 1 and 3 then 3 and 1 then 2 and 2 then 1 and 1 and finally we would drop to the bottom of the lunge and hold for a four count then pulse. We did this for every movement: lunges, squats, chest press, flies, skull crushers... etc.  The worst was probably pulsing the flies with 12.5 pounds. I was a sore girl the next day! 
Definitely more colorful and happy than Rogue equipment at CrossFit! 

Saturday I had planned to meet with some girls to tailgate before the USF game. I tried to buy a USF shirt, but they all looked weird on. I am just so used to my HUSKY gear. In the end it didn't matter because the girl we were supposed to tailgate with never texted us back. So we watched the Florida game. Eh. Sadly I couldn't find a way to watch the huskies and instead had to be ok with the gametracker. Luckily next weekend we play LSU and there are loads of LSU fans down here, so I plan on dropping in at an LSU viewing party!! 

So we watched the Florida game at Megan's and obviously I wasn't too into the game. So I started trying on clothes from her give away box. I scored a cool striped turquoise dress (I'll have to take pictures), a black mini tube dress and a cool belt that I have decided looks best as a head band. So while I was trying to get something online to show my the huskies I started trying my loot on again. 

That girl is so cute right now! 

I do weird things when I am bored. 

Like convince myself to bike to the Sunday farmers market. 

The market was at just about the 20 mile marker. A bit further than I had anticipated! 

Don't get me wrong I am glad that I did it, but jeez was it hot and complicated to get to! My phone was being no help on the way there because I had it set to tell me biking instructions. I got lost several times and had to get off and consult the phone. On the way back I outsmarted it and had it tell me walking directions. Score - navigation out loud and a much simpler route. 

The farmers market was awesome and I am bummed I forgot to take pictures. The highlight was my pineapple cilantro popsicle - yum yum yum!! Also meeting the best tea vendors, so now I have a spot on Davis Island to check out in the next week or two. 

When I finally got home I went straight to the pool. 

Didn't even bother to clean the bike grease off my leg. And see those frozen grapes - best post bike treat ever. I love those babies! 

The rest of the weekend alternated between the pool, reading The Langage of Flowers, working out and practicing my screening protocol for school -- exciting stuff! 


Tuesday I brought five people to run club - holler! 

See that guy on the end? He and I have the same birthday! Same year! His twin sister was there too. So obviously she also has my same birthday. Turns out Megan's boyfriend's birthday is the day before (same year) so we have quite a lot of turning 25 to do this month amongst the four of us. 

Last night I made the BEST turkey burgers ever. Inspired by Iowa Girl Eat's Chicken Lime Cilantro burgers.  If you have never been to her website then you are missing out!! 

With a little mashed avocado on top and then some quinoa salad underneath I'm not sure it gets much better. 

Since that recipe went so well I decided to try my hand at The Petite Athleat's Coconut flour pancake for breakfast this morning. 


By its lonesome it is only 200 calories - with 140 coming from the eggs and 60 from the coconut flour. High fiber, high protein and ginormous - winning! 

Obvi I spread some peanut butter on that baby, add some mashed up berries and you have a delightful breakfast in bed. 

Who said graduate school couldn't be fun? 

God I loved that thing. Probably going to have to make another one tomorrow...

Well that is all for now! I have recruited some more ladies to join me tonight at Running For Brews, so I better make sure I am ready to get there on time!! It's going to be a quick trip to Channelside tonight because I need to rush back to campus for the Triathlon meeting. After my bike ride I am feeling intimidated, I'm scared that I am going to be so far behind these guys. That being said, a lot of the girls who have joined me at run club last night and tonight have voiced fears that they will embarrass themselves with our group. I have encouraged them to dive in, since we all have to start somewhere. I guess it is time to take my own advice. 

I'll let you know how the meeting goes.

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

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