Friday, November 30, 2012

Energizer Bunny I am not

True story: 

I thought this whole training plan was going to be way more manageable. That might not be the right wording. The load of work is totally manageable. I have the time to fit it all in, I just wasn't prepared to be this tired! I thought I was working out a lot before, and on paper this doesn't look like a lot, but it's really wipe me out. I blame it on the swimming. 

I only swam a handful of times this fall. And only at the beach. In the open water. The pool feels like the treadmill to me. And the treadmill and I do not have a good relationship. Luckily I haven't had to swim more than 800 meters yet, so I have been able to force myself to stay in the pool. But going back and forth is so boring for me! Luckily today they had the long course set up. Made the 100 meter sprints way better. 

Day 4 - PR70.3 Training


800 meters - 3x100 meter sprints with 15 seconds rest as the body of the work out

4 miles moderate 

When I hopped out of the pool and changed into my running clothes, these were the socks that greeted me. Now my socks rarely match, but this might be the mismatch of the century! 

Ugh, forgot my phone in the car on the run, didn't log any Charity Miles today : ( Luckily I got extra in last night! 

After all that I was pooped. 
{I still am}

Salad and a book by the pool? Ok, twist my arm. The best part of being a transplant is that I am the only one in the complex who still thinks it is bikini-by-the-pool weather! Had the poolside to myself. 

My poor legs are so tired and I still have the two hardest training days of the week left ahead of me! I've managed to plan some yoga into both days, so hopefully that, combined with the rest day I am going to fully enjoy Monday, will helps these gams perk up! 

Goofing off before my bike ride yesterday. Really I should be showing you my calves. They truly are the stars of the show these days. 

It was a beautiful afternoon at Flatwoods. After the chill of Seattle I was thrilled to be riding in just my tank and bicycle shorts! No crazy wildlife to report (thank goodness). 

Watermelon Essie - Love it! 

Took advantage of a few minutes to spare when I got home to paint my toe nails. Didn't even take the time to clean the bike grease off!! My poor toes have seen better days, maybe a few coats of polish can detract from the blisters? A gal can dream. 

I was thrilled to be able to make it to run club last night in time to run! It was a fun night, seeing a lot of friends I don't normally get to see! And got to be there when this pretty lady was awarded with her RFB shirt. Holler! 

This is a terrible picture - but the lights were amazing. Totally worth all the power cords that tried to kill me. 


So this is what I have been missing every Thursday. Do you know the wobble?! Best. Line-Dance. Ever. When I went home this past week people either didn't know it or refused to do the dance. Lame-sauce. I can't say enough how much I love this group. Karaoke, dancing and generally making fools of ourselves - yes please!!! Plus how awesome is that we can all hang out after getting sweaty and dirty together? Literally Johnny made us lie down on the ground, in a parking lot, to do a mid-run bootcamp. I'm not complaining. It was a lot of fun and added a fun challenge to a run I shouldn't have done anyways. Whoops. 

I'm nervous about the next two days of training. I'm far less worried about the training and far more worried about having enough energy to do everything else I am supposed to be doing! That being said I'm grateful I don't have too much to do at school right now. Better to get in the groove of training when I don't have a lot of other things to juggle. I have a 25 mile bike ride with a friend tomorrow, then we are going to check out a "yoga for runners" workshop in South Tampa. A longer run and a swim Sunday will be followed up by some more yoga in the park! Anyone want to take bets on how many naps I'll be throwing in there?! 

In the meantime I'm headed out for some Salsa dancing with a side of line dancing. So sue me, I like the dance. Even if I insist on dancing like the white girl I am. There were some more exciting SPARKLING things that happened to me today, but I don't want to share until I get the deets finalized. Let's just say I have some sparkles headed my way! 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

What color are your toenails right now? What do you do to stay awake when a new training plan has you exhausted?! Dancing - do you do it? Where? Favorite song to dance to? 

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