Monday, November 26, 2012

Live It Up

So, I was beating myself up today about not making it to bootcamp this morning. Until I remembered my official Puerto Rico 1/2 IronMan training schedule starts this week. And Monday is my official rest day. 

Completely free of guilt, my mom and I enjoyed a leisurely morning. A late breakfast at Oddfellows, books in hand was just what the doctor ordered. 

Only in Seattle. 

This place has been around since 2008. I have no idea how I have never been. It is in the same building as the Century Ballroom and the Elliot Bay Bookstore. It reminded me of the Surrogate Hostess, a cafe on Capitol Hill that closed in the mid 90's. It was truly a communal space, whereas Oddfellows hints at community, while still offering its patrons an independent dining experience. 

The kitchen wasn't quite open yet when we arrived, so we settled into our books over bottomless coffees and a slice of pumpkin bread. 


I ordered an egg sandwich, which was really an overflowing of eggs on a giant biscuit with a side salad. The eggs were gooey with gruyere and tasty from the herbs and spices. After the pumpkin bread I didn't think I was in the mood for more bread, but the biscuit and apricot jelly were too good to pass up. 

After spending a significant amount of time on school work, listening to lectures, reading and writing discusion posts; it was time to play downtown!  

We decided it was time to see what this "Great Wheel" was all about. 

If I ever do it again, I think I'd either go at sunset or when the sun is behind the city. That way the mountains won't be so washed out! The views were spectacular, but for a native Seattleite, it wasn't anything I hadn't seen before. Which makes sense, but for some reason I was anticipating seeing something different. 

Since we were already on the waterfront, I couldn't resist going to Ivars for some Fish (and Chips to share will the gulls!).

I have many fond memories of feeding the gulls. They go berzerko the second they smell the fries. 

These two were caught in a french fry frenzy! 

I've decided I'm really going to miss the Hipsters! Luckily I will be back in the NW in three weeks, but come January I don't plan to be back until May at the earliest. That is a lot of months without the joy of hispter watching! 

Tonight I had the pleasure of joining some the local Cyclocross peeps at Elysian Fields for their end of the season party. 

I didn't anticipate knowing anyone, but was looking forward to trying a few local brews. 

Since they "nailed it" on the Humdinger, I had to give it a try! The night was a lot of fun. In true Seattle fashion, I ran into several familiar faces. I also managed to meet a few new people, how very unSeattle of me! 

You can take the girl out of Seattle, but you can never truly take the Seattle out of the girl! I didn't have any cash, otherwise this would have been a delicious Dick's burger. Pagliacci's was just as good tonight. 

I'm going to have to do some serious training this week to make up for all the gastronomic indiscretions this week. Oh well. Totally worth it. 

All in all this was a good trip. Not really looking forward to my pre-6 am departure time, but what are you gonna do?! Plenty of time to sleep, pretend to read for school and to actually read Chelsea Handler books! 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle

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