Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm Taking Control

No matter what my choices are, they all shape who I am. Why not make good choices that will enable me to reach all of my goals? Well, that is exactly what the next 24 days are about. In the next 24 days I will focus on nourishing my whole body. I have 8 weeks left until my half IronMan, and I want to get the most out of my training. At the same time I will have my first clients. Ever. People will be seeking out my services. This means I need to be on my A-game at all times. No excuses. So not only do I need to nourish my body correctly, but I am extending the challenge to nourish my mind as well. I am going to buckle down, staying organized at school and tenacious in training. 

I'm not thrilled about these pictures, or sharing them with the interwebz, but I figure this is a good way to hold myself accountable. Knowing that other people know my goals forces me to stick with the plan. 

For an idea the numbers on the left rae my current measurements (as of 20 minutes ago) and the numbers to the right are the measurements I took in September (when I last tried, and failed, to complete a 24 day challenge). Here are the pictures that go with the other measurements: 

The differences are subtle, but definitely there. I am only 5'2, so those four pounds are evident. I'm not sure I have a weight goal in mind, but I would like to look more toned and muscular. I'm working out more than I ever have in my life, and I'm not very satisfied with how my body looks. Not ok. All this proves to me is how important nutrition is to weight loss/physique. It barely matters how much you are sweating if you don't nourish your body well. I mean, this was just one of my 9 training work outs this past week: 

45 miles round trip. St. Pete to Clearwater. ~1,800 calories burned. If I want to keep doing these rides I need to figure out the food thing. 

I might not think my body looks like a cyclists yet, but my tan lines sure do! Swapped out my bike shorts and top for this silly outfit for the PubCrawl Running for Brews helped put on in St. Pete. Let me tell you what I learned: training rides and pub crawls do not mix well. What a long afternoon. And as if I didn't have enough evidence that it is time to hop back on the nutrition bandwagon, this picture proves my point: 

NEVER letting someone take a sitting picture of me again if I am wearing a shirt without a side. At least I was able to get this cutie to follow us around on the PubCrawl. Just someone we got to take our picture who clearly I thought was super cute. Thank goodness he couldn't see what you all are seeing. Color me embarrassed. No worries folks, nothing happened with this cutie, just some shameless flirting. And I may have let him buy me a drink or two...

So thats where I'm at right now. Focused on being prepared for tomorrow, the start of the challenge and the start of another challenging week in graduate school. I'll keep you updated about what I'm eating everyday, how I'm sweating and where I'm studying! 

During my last 24 Day Challenge I completed my first Marathon, dropped over 11 pounds and 10 inches! I did my first pull-ups, climbed my first rope and finally squatted over my body weight. I had so many firsts and gains in 24 short days - can't wait to see what this one brings! 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

What is your nutrition philosophy? How do you know when it is time to clean up your diet? Do you have any goals for this first month of 2013?? 

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