Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Are we there yet?

I am exhausted.

I don't need annoying children in the car asking this question because I find that I am constantly asking it myself! It dosen't matter if I just figured out how many more mile 10 miles ago, I'll do it again! I truly am my own worst enemy.


But let's rewind and review what I skipped yesterday! 
The most bizarre coolest things have made me excited this trip. I can drive for several hours without speaking or really doing anything, then suddenly something catches my eye and before I know it I'm squealing, laughing and fist pumping with delight. 

Oddly in Wyoming just about the only thing to get this reaction was crossing the Continental Divide. 
Something about seeing this sign made the trip feel that much more official. 

Most of you know that I like to chat. Sitting silently in the car can be painful sometimes. I have really enjoyed my RadioLab podcasts, and even though she's had me in tears, Kristin Hannah's Home Front has been a delight. 

 {However, I have started to take some party breaks. }

It is appropriate to start these dance parties with "Come to My Party" by ConBroChill

I really want to order this tank!! 

Lucy from CrossFit PD got me hooked on her brother's band (of which she is also a member!). At her suggestion a friend and I went to a neon themed show party they had last month at the Wonder Balloom in Portland. 

SO.   MUCH.   FUN.

Outside of pretending to party the most exciting thing that happened Tuesday was playing the alphabet game. I started about 90 miles outside of Cheyenne and got all the way to "Y" when I saw it a big fat Z. How often do you play the alphabet game and ever see a word that starts with "Z?" It just felt rude that I not only saw a Z too early, but I was stuck on Y! The horror. 


Ok. Back to today. 

Clearly I needed to wear on of the shirts I bought yesterday. 

Mickey and I are COOL. 

Sunrise Cheyenne, WY

These guys are everywhere

I passed through four states today: Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri. Every time I read or think Missouri it comes out "Mizzur-ah" in my head! Haha gotta stop my accent stereotyping before graduate school! Probably the best thing I saw all day was the T-Rex. Yes, you read that right. Along I-80, around Lincoln, Nebraska I saw this wonderful creature!
Take a moment and imagine my delight. 

When I got to Kansas City I was exhausted, but determined to find something familiar and edible for dinner. Its funny what you find comforting when you are away from home. Starbucks always feels like Seattle, but not an option right now as I am living a coffee free life! Seeing this Costco outside of Kansas City brightened my day. If I ever  When I get lonely in Florida I can enter a Costco and it will always feel like home, especially if I get me some of those Kirkland Signature goods : ) 

There was also a Red Robin, but I still haven't forgiven them for tearing down the original. 

The day ended with another beautiful sunset. Now I am just in bed planning the next few days of driving!
Can't wait to finally relax in sunny Florida with my girl Ashley.
And by relax I mean go for a few runs, check out some CrossFit and eat some real veggies!! 

Goodnight from Missouri! 


 I almost forgot! When I got back to the hotel I had to check the Olympic updates. So many huskies raced today. 

Big shout out to Will, Rob and Conlin who took the silver in the Men's 8+ for Canada.

My favorite update was about a rower affectionately referred to as Bambi. She walked onto the UW Women's team her freshman year and has been making a name for herself ever since. Now she has joined UW Alum Megan Kalmoe to represent the USA at the London Olympics in the Women's 4x (quad). Together with their two other boat mates they raced their way to a bronze medal!

 Talk about some major bling! I guess we won't ever be calling her Bambi anymore.
Adrienne -- consider me officially on the "Hammer" train!! 

The two lovely ladies on the right, Meghan and Adrienne both graduated from UW and both wee walk ons.
Now they are both Olympians with bronze medals!!  Huskies. 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle

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