Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Miles of Sweaty Smiles

iPods/phones/mp3 players are a whole different story! I used to always stick my phone or iPod in my bra or the back of my shorts while running or working out - even though I had several friends in college who's equipment broke due to excessive sweat! 

I was invited recently to join the X-1 Training team for Women, and jumped at the opportunity not only to test some sweet rain and sweat-resistant gear, but also to join a network of strong, inspirational (and persperation-al) women. I came home last week to two sets of headphones and a water/sweat-proof case for my phone! 

I love how you can see exactly what is in each box! I had some difficulty getting the custom secure fit to fit around my weird ears - so I've stuck to the water-proof model on the far right, designed specifically for women in mind. The ear buds fit nicely - but the best part? The things DO NOT get tangled. Like at all. Which honestly is one of the biggest reasons I always hated listening to music when I train, it would take to friggin long to get those earbuds untangled to make it worth it. {but I'm incredibly impatient - can you tell?} 

I took my gear out this morning for what we are now affectionately calling Triathlon Tuesday. After master's swim, a few of us ladies meet up to bike - and you cannot bike without running. Seriously. If you want to do triathlons this is the best piece of advice: ALWAYS RUN AFTER THE BIKE. always. It almost feels like a waste of a ride if I don't run now. 

Anyways, the humidity made me grateful I had waterproof equipment today. 

Those are them very ear buds. A pesky flat tire (punctured tire and tube - grr), meant extra miles for me on the run. Now that I am staring out the window at a torrential downpour, I'm glad that I got those miles in. Afternoon run = cancelled. 

5k later I was back at my car, crushing the last mile in 7:40! Turns out some tunes might actually help me keep a better tempo. Who woulda thunk? And my phone was glad it wasn't directly touching my sweatastic skin. 

I was still sweating by the time I got to Jet City for my post-tri Ned Head. 

Plowed through that sucker too fast to snap a photo - but trust that spinach+pear+oj+hempseed+yogurt+everythingelsethatisgoodinlife makes for a very happy me. 

{Or just smile as you sweat. It's all good.}

Clearly a trip to the bike mechanic is in order, but as long as I don't have to make a trip to the Apple Genius bar - then this girl is all smiles. 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

1. What is your favorite way to sweat?
2. Do train with music - if so what is your favorite tune or genre?
3. Does sweating make you smile?! 

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