Sunday, July 29, 2012

First Blog Post & Farewell

I am a cross fitting - sparkle loving - marathon running - adventure seeking gal who is gearing up to leave her beloved Pacific Northwest for Tampa, Florida. Graduate school has beckoned, and never being one to turn down an adventure, I am packing up and leaving in t-minus two days! What a better time to start a blog than when one has thrown herself into the unknown? I don't think I could get much farther away from home and stay in the continental US. 

One LONG drive!! 

This morning was my LAST WOD at CrossFit PearlDistrict -- the place that introduced me to and made me fall in love with CrossFit. 6 months ago I entered the doors, and for the first few weeks I would often leave in tears. I thought I wasn't strong enough, impressive enough or motivated enough to hang with the tough people I saw around me. Today I left in tears because I have grown to love the community that resides in that gym. I have left a lot of myself there and I am so lucky to have started my CrossFit adventure in a gym that fit my personality so well!

Ready to get after my LAST WOD at CFPD!!

Here's a look of what we did today: 

Evidently I missed the memo to show up for the 9:30 class, but luckily some people showed up for 11 and we had a small but fun group! We blasted through the first 21-15-9, and I killed the wall ball (did over 90!!!), but I died on the 9-15-21... Oh well. At least we Rx'd the whole thing and finished under 30 min, which was our goal! When I saw the work out posted online last night I was sure it was going to take at least 45min. Nope. 

The rest of the day I procrastinated packing and cleaning... Treated myself to brunch at Besaw's, a nap in the sun and some quality lounge time on the air mattress!! 

Now it is time to go enjoy a girl's dinner at this lovely establishment: 

Le Happy - Crepe's to die for in Northwest Portland 

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