Sunday, July 29, 2012

Goodnight Portland!

It has hands down been the best 11 months of my life. 

Portland has been a platform for so much change. I spent too much time in the Fall resisting the city, I regret all that wasted time! However, now I know that when I arrive in Tampa there is no point wasting time dwelling over things I dislike. I can and I will find things to love like about Tampa. 

Speaking of things I love, I have been wanting to go to Le Happy  since the day Ashley helped me move into Portland. Everyone at the table ordered Le Special Crepe. Filled with roasted chicken, goats cheese, caramelized onions and creme fraiche then topped with mixed greens, more goats cheese and a balsamic reduction, we were all delighted with our choice. 

Le Special Crepe 
For all you hispters out there, Le Happy has a clever menu you would enjoy! Complete with a Le Happy Kids Meal (toy included with purchase) and a Le Trash Blanc, featuring a bacon and cheddar cheese crepe served with a PBR. Almost makes me wish I liked bacon. 

We all ordered a sweet crepe to share, which is the way to go! Mine was a coconut cream with lemon curd. All three were fabulous. I was so excited by that point I forgot to take a picture. You'll just have to go for yourself too see how they are : ) 

Love these ladies! 

I was treated to some lovely sparkly gifts last night from my friends! Can't wait to paint my nails with the glitter from Stef. Pretty sure Florida will offer many opportunities to rock the earrings from Melissa. Thank god my friends know me so well! 

Today has been a crazy day - packing the car felt like the most elaborate and important game of tetris I have ever played. Cleaning, throwing out trash, packing and re-packing, getting distracted by this blog, calling AAA to jump the PriPri... 

PriPri made a new friend, thank goodness for AAA!! 

Oh yeah, in my rush to get back to blogging I may not have shut a door completely and the battery on the PriPri died. I haven't even left Portland!! I'm just hoping this means the rest of the drive the drive goes smoothly! 

After taking some time to collect myself, Haylee and I met to conquer the line at Salt&Straw

I am glad she was there so I could have some novelty ice creams one more time! After waiting almost 45 minutes we felt we deserved to have many, many  a few tastes. These were my notable tastes: 

Wild Harvested Berries 
The Beast 
Chevre with Marionberry Habenero Jam 

The Beast was possibly one of the most Portlandia foods I have ever eaten! They describe it this way: 
"Cherry-wood smoked sea salt ice cream was made with Japanese salt from The Meadow that was crystallized over a wood fire for three days and then smoked for a month over pure cherry wood. This sweet, salty ice cream is mixed with light and crispy chocolate covered french fuielletine. The chocolate is a single origin from Woodblock Chocolate with notes of both cherry and wine - tying all of these flavors together beautifully."

Clearly after all of that I opted for the Chocolate with Gooey Brownies and the Cinnamon Snickerdoodle on a waffle cone! The professional ice cream scooper hipster serving me insisted the Cinnamon go on bottom because "On a warm day the heat of the Cinnamon is actually quite refreshing." 


Finally got to the "refreshing" cinnamon... if I'm being honest,
the ice cold ice cream was refreshing in itself. 

Who are all these crazy people?? Oh yeah, I was just one of them! 

Haylee was too funny today. I made her take that picture for me, to which she replied: 
"Perfect, now I can log onto your blog later tonight and you can tell me how to feel about this experience we are currently living through." 

Welp Haylee, gotta say I'm feeling pretty good about our outing! I even walked out of it with a little more bling.  

Mine is just as cute on a green string! 

Ended my night with a little grocery run to grab some fresh veggies to get the drive started off on a healthy note! 

Hard boiled eggs, cucumber and red bell pepper will be great for snacks!
Not pictured: tuna mixed with hummus. 

But was terribly tempted to buy these! Cute little republican elephants : ) Maybe I could hand them out in August during the Republican National Convention? Or just bite their heads of in the name of fun...  

 That's going to have to do it for tonight! The car is basically all packed, just need to de-flate the blowup  mattress, sweep the floors and wipe the counters one more time, drop the keys off at the leasing office and then I'll be on the road. 

Last night in the best studio ever. Working hard to keep the tears at bay! 

Saw this cutie peeking out at me when I was done packing. I'm definitely trying!! 

How do you handle moving? Have you ever road tripped across the country? Any hints, tips or tricks? 


  1. Elephants are the enemy, donkeys are democrats!

    i like your blog though

  2. Wow I can't believe I made that mistake... I was in the store a few weeks ago and they were taking a tally of how many Donkeys vs. Elephants were bought and I remember telling the lady I was shocked that so many Elephants were bought considering the neighborhood. Clearly moving has limited my cognitive capacity ; ) Consider it FIXED!