Sunday, September 30, 2012

1/4 Life Crisis

That's right, I turned the big two-five this week. 

I'm loving it already. 

You know how every year on your birthday either your parents or their adult friends ask you "Do you feel older" or "How does it feel to be such-and-such age?" If you have never been asked the question then consider yourself lucky. I always found it to be the most annoying question. Clearly the adult has been the age they are inquiring about, and surely they understand that time moves so subtly that although I can recognize I am different than I was a year or two before, the simple fact that today is my birthday never before meant I felt different than the day before. 

Until this year. 

My last day of being 24 felt decidedly different than my first day of 25. 
Twenty-five feels so good.
It feels like the age I have always been meant to be. And since I only get to be 25 for three.hundred.sixty.five days I need to make the most of them all. The following are some things I want to keep in mind over the course of the next 51 weeks [I couldn't resist, I am such a nerd].

So far the last seven days of 25 have been pretty awesome. I earned my running for brews shirt (shirt still to come), screened my first pre-schoolers, went on a date, had my car detailed, got a hair cut, ran my first ten miler in Florida, partied on a Friday night with some awesome ladies, conquered Beach Beast and used my cold to pretend  it is Fall outside. Not too shabby for a measly seven days : ) 

 Like I mentioned I am sick so I am going to keep the prose component of this blog post short and get straight to the best part - the pictures. 


Beach Beast! 

Looking cute before beasting it up on the beach! 

Patriotic fellas. 

Clearly had to wear this shirt this morning. 

But couldn't resist changing into this number. Loving me some ConBroChill wear.

Can't believe I got over all those walls after running 5k on the beach (and after climbing/falling off several other obstacles!)

For some reason climbing those things I felt like t-rex, my arms just didn't feel strong enough. Guess its time to start lifting more.

Running for Brews friends at Beach Beast! 

20 punches = Shirt! 

Gonna rock on of these shirts next week : ) 


Hair straightened post-haircut. 


Soup for days.! 


Little did I know I was driving towards to cold I currently have. Four year olds are real cute, but they are also host to so many germs!! 

Closing Thoughts

Cause now that you are here I feel more motivated than ever to design a life I love to live. 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle

{PS Check out this cool video from Seattle Superstar Macklemore}

Beautiful shots of Seattle. So excited to come home in December, I've never missed mountains and hills so much in my entire life. Florida - I'm not complaining, I am having fun taking advantage of all your geography has to offer : ) 

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