Tuesday, September 25, 2012


 This weekend I survived LOVED every second of my first Olympic Distance Triathlon!! 

Yep all 11,458 seconds
{aka 3hrs 10min 58sec}

Honestly the swim, bike and run were the easy parts - staying calm was the hardest. We woke up at 3:40 to get to the course by 4:30. The event organizers kept sending out e-mails changing the time of the departing ferries. Yes we had to take a ferry to the start line. And by start line I mean deserted island. Because I am me, I got separated and rode alone on the first ferry at 5:30 to the island. Then had the delight of waiting for an hour and twenty minutes until the race started at 7am! Did I mention we had to jump off the boat to swim to the island? 

We are talking a serious plunge here folks! 

I didn't love that bit, but when you adventure you gotta throw yourself in sometimes, right?! Even though I was separated from the other USF peeps, I still managed to meet a lot of people stranded out on that island. Triathlon people are so nice! I was worried because of the LIGHTNING and potential SHARKS, but people helped me stay calm and focused on the true challenge: getting to the finish line! 

The swim was crazy crowded the whole time. I thought we would all separate out more, nope. While I was in the water if felt like forever but once I was on the bike and then the run I couldn't believe how impatient I was with the swim. Next time I need to go even faster with the swim! 

I don't have pictures from the swim or the bike, but a teammate did snag these pictures of me at transition and the finish line: 

Transitioning from the bike to the run! 

Dying at the finish! 

So everyone knows triathletes have to wear their number EVERYWHERE, but not everyone has to wear the number 69 on their forehead!! At least it was a good conversation starter : ) 

At the finish we were all pretty disorganized and scattered. Immediately after finishing events I can be pretty irritable trying to get out of the finishing corral. I hate how there are so many people yelling directions at you (about how someone will get your timing chip, where to go etc) I mean, I just killed myself for three hours out there people, DON'T YELL AT ME. I knew I was about to loose it so I ripped my timing chip off, threw it in the bin and took a medal without letting the girl place it over my head. I felt claustrophobic, nauseous, agitate and hangry all at the same time.

As soon as I was free of that stupid corral I felt awesome. And so sorry that I was in such a bad mood. In my anger though I threw my medal into my bag, so I didn't get any pictures with it at the course. Here it is in it's new home:  

Heck yes I escaped! 

The whole time I was on the bike (87 minutes to be exact!) I was scheming about training. I know   I can get so much faster at biking, and I think I can start dropping minutes off that time pretty quickly. Some new bike gear wouldn't hurt either. Yep, while other girls might ask for jewels, clothes or cute accessories, I'm going to ask for BIKE accessories. I'm thinking clips, new wheels and maybe some drop handle bars are the first step : ) 


Since we were in Miami, some of us decided to stay to enjoy some adult beverages and play on the beach! I can't go to the beach without taking a cartwheel picture. 

Watch out Gabby Douglas! These Olympic [distance] Triathletes are coming for you in 2016. Haha I can't tell if we are all getting ready to do a cartwheel or having an awkward dance party. 

What a fun group! 

Speaking of groups, here is a picture of the whole team we snagged at our bread gorging/pasta overloaded/wine drinking event dinner the night before the race. 

I had so much fun with these people. Thanks for welcoming me into the group! 


So yesterday was my birthday. Sleeping in after the tri was a must. In the morning I treated myself to several episodes on Parks and Rec, then put on a dress and treated myself to lunch. By lunch I mean shopping with a side of salad. 

Last year I bought myself an awesome bangle at my first half marathon. It had idioms written around it with the theme of "this is the year to." I loved it, but somehow misplaced it on the move. I was so upset when I found out, and immediately tried to find it on eBay - no luck. As I was window shopping, this FEARLESS bracelet jumped out at me and I knew I had to have it. I feel like it completely represents the journey I am embarking on this year. Moving by myself, starting graduate school, forging new friendships and competing in a triathlon without training -- this year is all about saying yes, because life is too short to let fears keep me down. 

No birthday shopping trip would be complete without sparkles. 

Now I need to go out this weekend. Can't decide which to wear first, but I know I'll look amazeballs in all of them. And if I don't look it, I'll feel like I do! 


In my post-triathlon-high I decided I am going to get a tri sticker for my car. Since I know I want a tri sticker on my car I finally womaned up and put on my 26.2 sticker from RunPrettyFar.

Now I can't decide which tri sticker to get! 

Thoughts anyone? 

Also I need to find a good 13.1 sticker. Some girls invited me to join them in a half-iron man over spring break, I'm so tempted. How sick would the pripri look with a 70.3 sticker?! 


It didn't really feel like my birthday at 4:30 when I headed to campus for three hours of class. But I took the opportunity to do my hair and put on some make-up. I clean-up well most of the time.

I had left my phone in someone's car yesterday and so the whole evening was stressful trying to get in touch with people. Finally my phone and bike arrived back home, and I discovered a package in the mail! I had checked before class, but apparently the mail was late today. 

How awesome is this card? 

Clearly my mom knows me well. 

The cute gifts from my mom finally made it feel like my birthday.

{This book made me cry like a baby}

The pictures Doug Tostenson are so spot on for a Seattle girl like me! Not just the subject matter, but the perspective from which they are taken are exactly the angles from which I am used to seeing these parts of town. Some of them are the standard cheesy Seattle shots, but many are images only true Seattleites would recognize or be fond of. 

This is my absolute favorite and was the tear jerker culprit! It reminds me of driving home, long winter practices and my favorite run loop -- around Lake Union. 


 Well that about does it. Yesterday wasn't my most eventful birthday, but I am so happy to be 25. I think it is going to be my favorite age. Finally old enough to be taken seriously, but still young enough to be silly, take risks and make mistakes. I'm so happy and comfortable with the woman I have become, I can't wait to see what the year brings. 

Obviously I will be excited to share all the ups and downs of the next year with you, so keep reading, cause I'm going to keep blogging! 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle

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