Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Humble Pie

Turns out this whole graduate school thing is getting pretty serious and I have about zero time to blog. But last night was too fun and too important to not blog about. 

I had my first work out at CrossFit813 in Tampa and subsequently spent the evening eating a huge slice of Humble Pie.

Isn't that graphic cute? Let me tell you what's not so cute - the huge sores and blisters on my hands from all the pull-ups I mustered yesterday. I know that is a good thing hidden in a bad one. CF813 does what they call an "SWOD" to start the day. "S" stands for strength/skill. Yesterday reminded me of a modified Tabata. We had 8 minutes to do as many pull-ups as possible, but only 6 attempts. For example I got 6 on my first attempt and 7 on the second. So after two rounds my total was 13. By the end I had 34!!! Not the highest score on the board, but amazeballs for me. 

Things went downhill for the actual WOD. 

HOLD UP. Now that I post the picture I am confused about what the Rx weight was yesterday for the deadlifts. My understanding was that the women's Rx was 175 and then men's was in the 200's. I was annoyed because I did the WOD at 115 and it felt super heavy. After being so excited to have improved in pull-ups despite having not done any in two months, I was bummed about how weak my hamstrings felt. 

Those suicide shuttle runs were hard, and the heat/humidity doesn't help. My fastest time was 1:53 and my slowest was 2:15. According the the photo I just took from the website I did the whole thing above Rx, but I think that is a typo. 

Either way I loved the gym and decided to join right up. 

The real humble pie was shoved down my throat at run club.

I am normally near the front of the pack, but my legs and hips were so tight and tired after CrossFit (I had an hour between leaving CrossFit and running) that I just couldn't move as fast as I normally do. I ran six minutes slower than I did the week before. Our Tuesday night run is an out and back, which means that everyone who is faster than you ends up running back by you. I know I was slow, but I was trying to listen to my body. The looks of sympathy and encouragement were really bothering me. Which is so so stupid. But they came from new runners and all I could think was that they were judging me and thinking I'm not fit or a good runner. I wanted to shout that I am normally at the front. I also wanted to cry and to cut the run short. But I'm really glad I stuck it out. I need to relax and not worry so much about what other people think about me. Plus being in the back or slower than the group doesn't make me less than. I don't think people who are slower than I am are pitiful, so why would I let myself feel that way just because I am slower one day? The whole thing sucked and was hard to get through, but it was a good lesson for me. 

I'm also glad because I had so many excuses ready to burst out the second we got back to the bar. But I kept them inside. They don't matter. That was the best I could run on that day considering those circumstances. A. It's no one's business why I was slow. B. I don't need to insinuate that another's performance wasn't actually that good in order to make myself feel good. And I feel like that is all my excuses would have done. I never want to be that person so I'm glad I kept it under control last night. 

In the future I'm not sure I'm going to do a lot of running after CrossFit, at least not now when my body is in so much shock to be doing this much lifting again. I need to work on being better about taking care of myself, and there is no need to get injured because I'm over doing it. 

I've been doing so much fun stuff lately that I'd love to share with you, but my studies are calling my name. Gotta get some phonology under my belt before it is time to run tonight! There is going to be a fun announcement tonight at Running for Brews that I will be excited to share with you all. Look for another post or two this weekend. 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle

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