Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Gearzz

Everything is so spread out down here. So that means going out for a casual shop doesn't happen. This has been both good and bad for my pocketbook. I finally understand the online/catalog shopping booms. It is so convenient to be able to have goodies show up at my door - kind of feels like someone is sending me a care-package - until I remember I'm the one that paid for it! 

These are my most recent purchases. "No One Has Ever Drowned in Their Own Sweat" and "I am Beast Mode"are from ViewSport - not only are the graphics cool, but they have secret messages on the back that are sweat activated. Sadly the messages are not entirely sweat proof. So if you sweat too much the message goes away : ( I have sweat too much the last few times I have worn them to snap a good picture. 

Luckily my girl Megan has the "I am Beast Mode" and is a much better model than myself! 

Isn't that cool?! Get it girl ; ) 

The bottom row of shirts are all from RunPrettyFar . So glad I found this company! 

Check out the detail on the back of these sweet tanks. Each package comes with one of these cute tags. Yes I have made two orders. I thought I had purchased the "You Gotta Burn if You Wanna Shine" tank, but alas I had bought the "Run Free" tank instead. Happy accident if I do say so myself! 

I can tell they are going to be trouble for some time to come. I was perusing their facebook page the other day when I noticed a comment from a name I recognized!! 

Dave started NoPo Run Club back in Portland, which is still the best thing I ever did in Portland. So if you are in Portland or ever find yourself there, mosey your way over to BarBar at Mississippi Studios on Wednesday night and get your run on! But back to RunPrettyFar - the second they come out with a beer running shirt I am going to be whipping my debit card out and having that baby shipped straight to Florida! Can't wait.

Last night I went to the real mall and bought myself some real running shoes! My old pair of Mizunos have seen quite a number of events (think two half marathons and a full plus the training...) so it is time to break in a new pair. 

The salesman and I did not agree about what shoes were best of me and I was there for awhile before another sales associate came over and helped me pick out the pair I had come in for! In the end I had my feet mapped, measured and did the gait analysis. What I learned? I love my Mizuno Wave Inspires and I was totally wrong about the size of my feet!! My the toes on my left foot aren't even close to the size 6 line and my right foot is a smidge short of the size 6 line too. And here I thought I had size 7.5 feet!! 


 I must have been crazy to have thought I could just stumble into my first Olympic Distance triathlon. Talk about taking life to a new gear! Monday I did my first bike then run. I was up at Flatwoods which is an awesome 7 mile loop near my house. It is embarrassing to say but I got a bit lost so I only did two laps, but the whole being lost bit was about 6 miles in itself. So after 20 miles I hopped off the bike and hobbled a whopping quarter of a mile. I was in so much pain. How do people do that to themselves? Luckily some friends on facebook suggested I try some brick work outs and that I be patient with going slow right after the bike. So Tuesday I tried again, biking 7 then running 2. Did the whole series times 3. It would take me a good 4 minutes before I felt like I was running properly at my goal speed. Those four minutes feel like 4 years. But I feel better knowing that there is a point at which I can start running and that transition pain won't last the whole 6 miles. PS I know I'll be in pain.

And to think initially I was nervous about the swimming, but so far that part has gone really well! Hit up the YMCA yesterday and got in a good hour. The Y is super close to my apartment (under a mile) and they have a sweet outdoor pool with the long lanes! Swimming in the pool for my is like running on the treadmill. It is hard to stay motivated and in the pool. I get bored easily and unfortunately I know that I can get out at anytime. Meeting up with Danielle from the TriBull Team was such a good idea because having someone else there kept us both honest about laps and in the pool!  Plus the girl is always a good time. I have three more free visits to the Y and after that I just might have to become a member.  

Felt good to get in a swim before class!! Going for the one piece really threw off my tan lines - between the one piece, my bikini and the tank I've been wearing biking my back is a mess! Good thing I'm ridin' solo and have no one to impress! 

[I clean up real nice for class I swear!!]

Back to the swim wear, look at this amazing suit I almost bought the other day: 

I know you are all stunned to I refrained from that purchase. But I am trying to be less impulsive and more realistic about my needs. Buying my first pair of tri shorts was way more important than looking awesome training. At least that is what I am trying to tell myself. 


Picked up my scrubs the other day so now I can take awesome pictures where I look super professional. Also they are the best for lounging on the couch. These will probably be their best functions. Other than that they make children terrified because kids associated scrubs with getting shots and going to the dentist. I promise I'm nice - I give out stickers for talking - no needles involved!


Got some gear this week to rep my schools

As cool as I look in the car wearing that hat, look how cool the pripri looks now sporting some Husky apparel of her own!


Last night Michelle and I hit up the Pour House again at Running for Brews. The theme was sports jerseys and I am so bummed I left my Jake Locker jersey in Seattle. I didn't think I would ever have cause to wear it, I feel like that makes me a terrible fan. Michelle didn't even know there was a theme - that's how hard core she is! Even her shorts were sporting the Gator logo! 


Woke up this morning to see this delightful note slipped under my door: 

So obvi now I am looking forward to some roomie time tonight with a side of rita! My body is sore and tired so I am taking today off from all exercise/training. I know it needs a rest and I know as much as I want to be "trained" for the Triathlon, since I don't have enough time to truly train it is more important that my body be functioning! Taking breaks is not my strong suit but I am going to give it a try. Might mean some crafting posts are in my future... stay tuned!

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle

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