Thursday, September 20, 2012

Officially Competent

Today was the scariest day of graduate school yet. 

I had to prove my competency to my clinic supervisor. 

We do this by administering the screening protocols to the supervisor while she pretends to be a child. It was scary, intimidating and a huge learning experience. I was confident going in, but there was one section during which I knew I wasn't going to do well. Got my scores back and I was right, that one section really brought down my grade. However my grade placed my skills in the "Developing" range which is defined as: "Competency or skill developing but inconsistent." This is exactly where I should be. Though I have had a few weeks to practice the protocols, I only had one day on instruction and have never given the protocols to real children. With no clinical experience it would be unusual for my skill to be either "Refining" or "Consistent." It's annoying when you are used to getting all A's to drop a bit, but I am going to value my degree so much more when I look back on the experience and realize I worked for everyone of my C's (Certificate of Clinical Competence). 

Today was my first big day. It won't be my last, but it was a big first milestone. Even if I wish I had done a bit better I am proud of myself for conquering my fear. Future Speech-Language Pathologist Sofia is going to be so glad that Graduate Clinician Sofia stuck through all these hard times. 


Now that I am done with my first competency screening, it is easy to say how glad I am for the opportunity to learn. Prior to the test was a whole different story. I was nervous like no other and it took all by best coping strategies to keep myself together. 

To get ready this morning I started out with a breakfast high in protein and fiber: a Coconut Waffle slathered in fresh ground peanut butter with a side of scrambled eggs. 

Therapy Waffles anyone?! 

I've been making pancakes for a while, but the consistency wasn't quite right. The waffle maker has been a real game changer. The waffle is just a light lighter and fluffier than the pancake. 

Oh and it makes bada** letter and number waffles. Speechie Heaven. 

Courtesy of Courtney at

Full of a delicious breakfast, I next had to put on an outfit I could rock during the screening. Pink pants with white polka dots, gray and white striped tank and a grey sparkle belt -- yep, that screams confidence to me! 

Luckily the bag I use to carry my therapy tools (read: toys and stickers) goes so well with the mismatched combo above: 

It's a good thing I'm not going for a design degree. I'll stick the the speech, language and communication. 


Now that the competency is over I can focus on my next big challenge: Escape to Miami Triathlon!

My "training" has been interesting. I am so so nervous about the biking portion. At least I know I am going to look spiffy in my racing apparel: 

This is feeling more and more official every day.

 I imagine it will feel pretty official Sunday. 

Again, just as with the competency, either way I am really proud of myself for going after a dream. Could I have been smarter about giving myself more time to train and prepare - most definitely the answer is yes. But fitness and athletics are the one area of my life where I am the only judge. Sure there are others around me with stopwatches and my score might be compared to another's, but it is the one realm where the outcome really doesn't matter. As long as I do me and do my best I am completely satisfied. Twenty-four has been quite a year of challenges for me and I can't think of a better way to celebrate my very last day of being 24 than by conquering my biggest physical challenge yet. 

{Twenty-five year old me isn't going to know what hit her.} 

But when she is sore Monday, she'll know it's because her 24 year old self was out to kick butt and that 25 has a lot of living up to do! 


Tuesday at Running for Brews I finally got to meet Jessica! Also from Seattle (and also a HUSKY), she has a coffee shop in Tampa called Jet City Coffee. I've been meaning to go for awhile now but haven't found the time during her business hours to head downtown. I don't drink coffee anymore, but a trip to coffee shop boasting a beloved Seattle nickname is a must. I'll let you all know when I finally get down there. 

Two Seattle ladies Running for Brews in South Tampa! 

Speaking of home, I finally found the perfect frame for some prints I bought from 1canoe2

These ladies make some wonderful prints, one of which I was lucky enough to have received as a gift from the little bro a few years back. I bought these before I moved to Florida. I love the idea of collecting more if I move in the future - a fun way to document all my homes. 


 Well that is going to have to do it for tonight! Lucky me since I was the first to do my competency I don't have any school commitments tomorrow. The pripri and I will be waking up early because it is time to take her in to be serviced. In the afternoon I'm going for one last open water swim with some Tri friends. To be clear it is the last swim before our Sunday race, I'm pretty confident this is a group of people I want to keep hanging out with. If my body doesn't hate me too much after Sunday I'm going to keep signing up for more of these babies! 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle

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