Wednesday, October 17, 2012


For those of you who have never experienced the agonizing pain  had the opportunity to defeat Fran, watch out, cause she's a beast of a WOD. Those of you who have know the pain I'm in today. After the back/front squats Monday and wall balls, I couldn't believe we were really going to do Fran. I would be in pain today if I'd been doing crossfit consistently. But after a few months off this has been quite the welcome back. Walking on flat ground, let alone up and down stairs has been quite a challenge. But since I'm me, I'm glad I did it! 

It looks so innocent. And it is short, but far from sweet. The Rx weight for women in 65lbs. I've done that once. On the drive out to Tampa I dropped in to a box near Boise and had the pleasure of completing my first Rx Fran. There was no way I was going to RX this yesterday. We warmed up with box step ups with the bar in the front rack position. 3x12 rounds at 55lbs. My core is so weak. The coach had no problem pointing this out and you all know I hate being called out. But I need to be if I want to get better. So I'm going to suck up my pride and take the advice when I get. Because that same coach was the best support ever at the end of the WOD when I was dying and embarrassed and needed the motivation  to get through. So I'm not going to burn any bridges. If someone can help make me better I am going to listen, even if it sucks. 

We partnered up for the WOD and my partner and I decided to do Fran at 45lbs. It sounds light, but thrusters are killer. Especially after all the squats yesterday without the base of muscle. Sigh, can't wait to not be sore. It is bizzarre, but you really do get to a point where you can do these work outs on back to back days without being sore.

I finished the WOD in 8:07. It was the slowest time of the day at that point. You better believe I was embarrassed. I dropped the bar twice during the 15. NOT OK. That is all mental weakness. But I busted my butt on the pull ups. I didn't get to write PR because I've done it before at weight (albeit slower). My partner has been there for 7 months and she had never done Fran. So it is nice to know that I probably won't have to suffer do that again anytime soon. 

CrossFit 813 peeps post-Fran! They kept saying "short girls down in front." There was no way I was going to kneel on the ground. Hello - did you all just do the same work-out I did?!  

Had to do some major lactic acid draining when I got home. At least I get to look at my favorite town when I do it : ) 

Couldn't run last night at Running for Brews : ( So I did a bit of studying while the group ran, then did what I do best: socialized my face off!

Since it is Breast Cancer Awareness month this week's runs are dedicated to the cause. 
Running for Boobies if you may. 

After finishing {and passing, holler!} my first mid-term of graduate school, it was time to do some major self care. Not only were my legs killing me, but I needed to celebrate and indulge in some pms {sorry guys, but it happens...} cravings. 

So there it is, what my afternoon looked like. 

Now I'm off to join the crew at Pour House. Going to keep celebrating the ladies (and fellas) out there who fight breast cancer every day. I can bust my butt for 3 miles in honor of those brave women and men. Who's with me?! 

So here's to hoping my FRANcovery is working and that my run is a success tonight.

xoxo SweatnSparkle 

What are your tips for recovering? What is your Fran time? Anyone have a favorite benchmark WOD? Least favorite? 

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