Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Saturday morning I competed in my very first Sprint Triathlon. After the Olympic Distance I had no doubt about whether or not I could do the sprint, the real question was how fast can I be? 

Not very

I beat my goal of being sub 1:20 (by a mere 30 seconds!) but that isn't very fast. There are excuses I could spout, but honestly it doesn't matter. That was my best performance on that day and I am excited to do things (aka TRAIN) so that the next time I am faster. 

The bars we set our bikes on were so tall this time my front wheel didn't even touch the ground. Not going to lie it was a bit tough to get the seat up that high! 

All week long I'd been rocking the pink for breast cancer awareness. I have a USF tri top, but lent it to one of the boys (it is a boys cut after all) so I figured if I can't race in green and gold I might as well keep up the pink theme! I was super calm before the race. It wasn't until we were all standing on the beach that I started to freak. "Why am I making myself do this again?!" 

Luckily I didn't have any problems on the bike or with my clips. I saw a lot of road rash after the race, but no spills while I was on the course. It was really windy, in both directions! There was one bit after the first turn around where I felt like I was flying, with the wind helping the bike felt light and easy. Until the wind came back and I was muscling it to try and stay at the same speed. Ten miles doesn't sound like much, and it really isn't, but boy does that shorter distance hurt! 

So excited to be done! I figured out some more weaknesses during this race, but still had an absolute blast! I love events too because I always meet a ton of awesome people. 

Speaking of awesome people here are some of the fun people on the team. We met up the night before to do a little open water swimming and because packet pick-up was all the way in St. Pete! 

And of course I ran into a few Running for Brews friends at the course as well! It is always a good time with these people. 

After the race we decided to grab some lunch and some beverages at the beach. 

Driving to the UnderTow! 

Can you believe this is where I spent a Saturday in October?! Watching people play beach volleyball while I ate a burger and had a few concoctions! 

Even my food was smiling! 

I don't know why I thought I would be able to go to the Food Truck Rally/Competition after that! I'm bummed I missed it, but I need to accept that I just can't do everything all the time : ( 

At least I got to rock my SunCoast Tri shirt at CrossFit on Monday! Good thing teal goes so well with neon yellow. I have so much neon yellow in my work out wardrobe! Probably the reason I didn't faint when the announced we were going to do 100 burpee pull-ups for the WOD. That's the sucky part of showing up to CrossFit at 6am - the WOD isn't up yet so the whole day is a surprise adventure as you go. Ok ok you're right, that isn't the only sucky part of working out at 6am, but it was definitely one of the worst parts! 


I feel like my blogging has really gone down hill, but that is because I have increased my participation in both run club and crossfit, while school has become a lot more intense. Preparing for full diagnostic evaluations takes a lot of time. Albeit a lot of that time is spent stressing and worrying because I feel as though I am being sent into the gladiators ring, never to be seen again! Ok it isn't quite that bad, but its pretty daunting nonetheless. 

So it's time to head to campus and teach myself how to use some antiquated equipment! 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 


  1. The Undertow!!!! I've been there :) I think that's where I spent my 30th birthday actually. Don't they have a hot dog called the "homewrecker"? Or is that somewhere else.....

    Looks like you're having a blast out there...send some sun back our way please :)

  2. The kitchen was being remodeled so I'm not sure about the hotdog... but the bar was really really cool! I wish I had taken more pictures, but the post race haze had descended!