Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Last Crafts...

Sunday was a day of crafting galore for this gal! 

I was out of my favorite shaving cream concoction, so it was time to DIY some more! The recipe is so simple, I'm surprised I didn't know about it sooner. And seriously, it works so well. My legs are the smoothest after shaving with this baby! 

I halved the recipe so that it would fit into this cute jar. Before I mixed everything in large tupperware and just left it in that. 

This jar is just so much cuter! The result is a bit runny, and the first time I made it was super skeptical. I mean, we are used to using a thick lather from a can, but do not fear! Slather some on and shave away. You and your legs will thank you! 

In other news I finally reorganized the art above my desk. 

I know you are all so relieved this happend! I stille love my "follow your heart" piece, but this combo works so much better! 

I love the {This is me} piece. I bought a piece of glitter paper and lace edged paper from Michaels along with the {This is me} sticker and cheap frame. Put it all together and now I have a place to write inspirational quotes. As I train for my first half-iron man over the next five months I think I am going to need to extra inspiration! 

Remember this guy? Used to be above the desk, but this way I can keep the blinds open and not feel like people can watch me sleep! I am the only one in the building that keeps her blinds open. 

I am still getting used to having the sun everyday, I can't shut it out! I'm used to hoarding sunny summer days, laying out whenever it is a wee bit sunny and throwing open the blinds/windows when the sun is there to shine. It is going to be a sad day for me when I can't be bothered to be excited about the sunshine. People down here choose to live here because of the sun. But they are so much less appreciative of us than we are. Obviously if you come from a place where you might not even see the sun for four months, then the sun becomes a valued and coveted commodity. I hope I never stop appreciating how awesome it is to live somewhere where the sun shines every day. The only thing that I can't so is curl up guilt free on a Sunday to watch trashy tv in my sweat pants with a coffee and pastry in hand. My waistline is real happy this doesn't happen anymore. But I'll give that up if it means I can be outside everyday! 

I do miss wearing my duck sweater!
 I wish Fall would get a wee bit cooler so I can wear outfits like this! 
I have one more week of freedom before the training begins for my half-ironman.
I chose to follow a 20 week plan, and this week is 21 weeks before the big day! I'd be surprised if you hear of any more crafting adventures in the next few months. Between structured training, school, run club and crossfit I am going to be one busy and sore little lady. 

It will all be worth it in March! 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle

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