Thursday, November 1, 2012


I love Halloween. 

Really I love crafting. And glitter. And clever puns.

The week started out with the latter. 

See that cute mermaid?! She is officially an IronWOMAN!! We celebrated in costumed glory. 

I wish I could take credit for the celebratory cake, but alas I cannot. How cool is it though?! Funfetti+Chocolate Chips - YUM. I hope if I ever finish an Ironman I have someone to make me a cake this special : ) 


Monday was a rest day according to my new, very official training calendar. So hard!!! But at least I got a lot of school work done! Tuesday I suited up to hit Flatwoods and get my first officially bike ride in. 

Two windy laps later I was ready to head to Run Club! 

Did I mention we were having a Zombie themed run? So. Much. Fun. Definitely loved running for brains. Fastest run in weeks. Can't tell if it is because I prefer to run in costume or perhaps because I lifted in the morning, rather than immediately before run club. Either way it felt great! 

All the lady zombies! Clearly I had issues "staying in character." I just don't like to be scary. 

Unless its with these scary ladies! 

How awesome does this girl look?! Lucky me she helped me with my make-up... otherwise I might have done something silly like try to make a glitter zombie. 

Speaking of glitter, last night was my favorite costume of them all. 

Unfortunately it isn't possible to dress up as "glitter" for Halloween. 
{Trust me, I've tried} 

This year I incorporated glitter by going as... A BEER FAIRY.

The dress I had, obvi, but everything else was hand crafted! 

The hardest part was making those wings! 

Not only was I a beer fairy -- but I was a good recycler! I used every bit of the cans/bottles I could!

Two fairies and a peacock! That lady in the middle took second place in the costume contest! 


Now that Halloween is over I don't know what to look forward to next : ( 

All I know is I have a lot of school work to do, the biggest crafting mess ever to clean up in my room and a lot of training to do. I'm exhausted and overwhelmed, but honestly a lot happier this way than I ever am being bored. I have a lot to be thankful for and even though the loneliness and  doubt creep in every now and then, I'm trying stay focused on the good stuff. 

Some days are more successful than others. 

But today has been a good day, lots of positive feedback at school, and the few negatives I've gotten I've handled well. This road of life sure is a bumpy one, but I wouldn't change my path for the world. 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

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