Sunday, November 4, 2012

Delight in the Mundane

I know I know, I've been doing a lot of double postings. And I thought about prepping this one and leaving it until morning to post - thus looking like I was a good blogger tomorrow. But I just couldn't resist. I adore this quote from Andy Warhol. 

It is so true. Most of life is boring. Life is comprised of little, mundane, repetitive and necessary tasks. Since these things comprise most of our existence, then the best way to be truly happy is to enjoy those little components. If you can find joy in the little things, then think about how amazing life and the big moments will feel. 


Tonight I had the best discovery! 

A Whole Foods opened near me on Thursday and I finally ventured to it tonight. 
And what should I find but a peanut grinder!!!!!!! 

Never before would one of these babies made me so ecstatic. 
They are overly commonplace back home. 
Every Fred Meyers, Trader Joe's, PCC and QFC has one. 
And don't get me wrong, even back home the simple act of pressing and button and grinding my own peanut butter has a certain thrill, but after being deprived for so long, this task that used to be second nature was electrifying tonight. I was positively giddy and the machine churned out the rich, luscious, nutty, smooth and unbeatable substance that is fresh peanut butter.  

{I love peanut butter.} 

I will happily eat it with a spoon straight from the jar. 
Lately I've been having it in my morning oats. How did I only figure that one out at 25?! 
I feel a lot better consuming the amounts of pb I consume when I know I'm literally just eating ground nuts. I grew up eating Adam's peanut butter and haven't ever loved the other name brands. Even though pb does seem like a treat and I often eat it with an apple for a sweet snack or dessert, those others are just too sweet. Yuck. Who needs that much sugar? Peanut butter is naturally delicious. If you don't like it without the sugar you aren't a true fan. Which is so sad. 

After nearly peeing my pants cranking out some pb it was time to hit up the salad bar. 

I got some neat stuff in this sucker. Honestly I think their salad bar could use some more stuff, but they are still new and I was still able to make a bomb salad. Grilled onions, beets, oven baked sweet plantains, hard boiled egg and cukes on greens. 


When I got home I checked out BondiBand and obvi had to order this head band! 

A friend hooked me up with a discount code and I bought three and got a fourth free. If you enter "one" during check out you can get the deal too! 

This little thing I've been saving for awhile and just kept forgetting to add it to the blog! 

A few posts back a friend from run club reposted by blog. To my knowledge this was the first time someone had reposted my blog on facebook! Makes this whole endeavor feel a lot more official. Plus it is nice to know people other than my Mom read this thing (even though it is nice to have her as my number one blog following fan!)

RunPrettyFar recently posted that they have some cards for sale. Can't wait to get my hands on some of these delights. Need to think of a reason to send on first though! Quick someone do an event.  If you tell me about it I'll make sure to get a card to you : ) 

And speaking of things I want from RunPrettyFar. 

How awesome is this shirt? They also have one in regards to cupcakes and wine. I probably like the colors of the cupcake one best, but lets be real: I run for beer. 


So here's to being delighted by the little things! I had a lot of little things to be happy about tonight, which is a direct result of the quality of life I've created for myself. There are always going to be things to worry, obsess and stress over. But there will always be little joys. It is your job to find those joys. The pain, frustration and hardship will always jump out. It will always be in your face nagging for attention. And sometimes you need to give it your attention in order to address the issues. However most of the time you can choose to delight in the mundane. 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

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