Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just One of Those

 Terrible No Good Very Bad Days... 

Woke up on the very wrong side of the bed today. 

Actually it started because I couldn't wake up at all. I wanted to sneak down to crossfit in the am, but I knew when my alarm went off there was so way it was going to happen. My next thought was to sleep another hour then hop on my bike. Negative. One look outside the window told me it is way too wet to be biking. 

Got up to make breakfast and thought I'd treat myself to a coconut waffle. Haven't made one in a few weeks.

Epic Fail. 

Even the bits I salvaged aren't tasting so awesome. 

It's just about time to head to clinic/campus even though it's my day off from school (aka the day I catch up on course reading/lecture watching at home). Thinking I'll have to bike at the gym and not feeling terribly motivated. 


{is what I said to myself} 

So the morning sucked. So what?! Time for an impromptu pity party to turn this silly frown upside down. 

Yep I hopped in my footie-pajamas, threw on a face mask and even made a turban out of a sparkle scarf. As I dug through my scarf/accessories box I did make a realization -- I haven't been wearing enough sparkles. Even though it isn't cold I need to start incorporating my scarves. I know total side-note, but a true one nonetheless. 

Got to keep this in mind for future truly horrible days. For the days when I feel like this: 

Made me giggle when I stumbled across it! 
Because that is the other half of my pity party. Letting myself blog, search pinterest and generally stumble through the interwebz. 

Speaking of stumbling... 

What should we call slp 

was finally invented!!! 

 Here's one all you non-speechies can appreciate:

So all in all I would say this pity party break has worked! I feel ready to wash this mask off my face and head out into the world. With the way the day started I'm sure to run into a few more frustrations, but I love the idea of accepting the badness and throwing myself a fifteen minute pity party. Rather than plunge ahead with a fake smile plastered on my face, sometimes you just have to admit that things aren't going well and give yourself a chance to wallow/experience your feelings. After that it is time to move on, most likely with a fake smile

Because lets face it: some days are just going to be sucky days. They can't all be the best day ever. 

That being said I don't think today is going to be one of those days. It is totally salvageable and like I said, this pity party might have been my best idea ever. 

I'm off to face the rest of it! I have a long bike, weights and a run to look forward to. Only a few readings a lectures to conquer. Then a long night of waiting for the polls to close on the west coast. I hope everyone gets out to the polls today! 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

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