Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gonna Run This Town

This half marathon business is getting very real. 

In less than 24 hours I will be donning that race number and timing chip (nope, not the green long sleeve, I NEVER wear the race shirt during the race) and heading out to hit the pavement. 

Packet pick-up was a breeze. Chatted with a few guys in line that ran their first Seattle Marathon in 1977!! The one gentleman told me that he ran his 56th marathon on his 56th birthday, which evidently was several years ago. I can't wait until I have stories like that! I wonder how many events I am going to accrue in my lifetime... only one way to find out! 

I'm not in love with this course map. As a native Seattleite I could immediately tell that it is not to scale. But it is nice to know that there are only going to be three truly miserable hills during the half.

The friend that tricked me convinced me to run Sunday posted this saying to his Facebook. So true. I'm confident I won't collapse tomorrow, but I'm much more nervous than I expect to be. 

They made us walk through the entire expo in order to get our goodie bags. I should have known there wasn't anything very exciting in the bags... but if I hadn't I wouldn't have run into Ms. Jennifer of Run Pretty Far!

We finally became facebook friends last week (I know, exciting, right?!), but had never met in person. They were giving away cute hair ties to customers who purchased over $50 worth of merchandise. Sadly I couldn't get my hands on those cuties!! My mom was waiting patiently for me in the car, plus I pretty much have everything I want from them... I think. 

A quick internet search shows that they are having a special online right now! Hmm... working really hard to resist making a purchase right now. I am excited to sport my newest RPF purchase after the race tomorrow. Stay tuned. 


After packet pick-up yesterday it was time to settle in and watch the Huskies kick some Cougar butt. 

I haven't gotten a lot of school work done this week, and didn't really feel like drinking all day at the bar. So I headed to Forza at Greenlake. A coffee shop/beer and wine bar, it was the perfect spot to spread out all of my school work, sip on a mimosa and keep one eye on the game. I would probably be here every weekend if I lived in Seattle. They had the game on several big screens. My kind of coffee shop. 

At half time I hustled over to a friend's house to watch the tail end of the game. I couldn't believe the roller coaster ride the Huskies put us through yesterday. I also wasn't impressed with the text messages that came in from Florida giving me a hard time. Leave me alone. Let me grieve in peace. 

Honestly I'm not that upset. It's fun to be behind the team when you aren't home, it helps me feel tied to something. But in reality, I'm not terribly affected by the loss. It is unfortunate, but doesn't really define me. Husky athletics as a whole is a very insignificant part of my identity these days. 

Still went out to hang out with some friends later that night. Was delighted to hang out at a very hipster bar on Capitol Hill - Smith

Hipster places lend themselves best to instagram. 

If I'd known we'd end up going a few more places, I wouldn't have adopted the hipster style. But it is nice to go out wearing my glasses and duck sweater and feel as though I not only fit in, but also might be looking a bit cute! 

I've known this fella since the 8th grade. Turns out we haven't quite perfected the picture taking thing. 
{Trust me, this was the best one.} 

We all kept the night short because two of the guys (including that one pictured above!!) are running the full marathon on Sunday. It is their first, so understandably they are a bit nervous! 


This morning my mom and I went back down the hill to the Volunteer Park Cafe. She was rushing me out the door, afraid they would be packed. 

Not sure I've ever seen it this empty. As in we were the only customers. To be fair, it was a legitimate fear. Often there isn't anywhere to sit! 

We each had the granola, a coffee and spent a good hour musing over architecture magazines. 

Now I'm just waiting for her to get done at the gym, so that we can catch a movie before it is my bed time! This whole rest thing is annoying! I would have loved to go to the gym, but I need to be better about taking care of my body. I might not care about posting a fast time tomorrow, but I would appreciate not hurting myself! I'm excited to go to the theater, I haven't seen a movie in a theater since the girls in Portland took me to Magic Mike. I might be the only girl in America that can't stand Channing Tatum. Tonight I will be drooling over entertained by Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook. Not really sure what it is about, but I'm always up to see a movie in the theater! 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

What was the last movie you saw? Do you have a ritual for the night before a race? What was the last thing you bought online?! 

Muriel's Wedding; Nope! but I need to get one...; Shhh... it's a surprise, but I promise you will find out tomorrow!  

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