Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Liquid Sunshine

Seattle has been absolutely wonderful. Exactly what I needed. 

Only two days into the trip and I already feel ready to head back and attack the rest of the term. It helps to know I only have two weeks of class waiting for me in Tampa

Now that I am home, it feels as though I never left. Life keeps going. I am still me no matter where I am or how hard life becomes. And I can always come home. 

Speaking of home I am having a blast already. I took the light-rail into the city from the airport, and had several hours to wander downtown while my mom finished up at work. 

I went straight to Pike Place Market. 

And ordered my first coffee in months. Not from the original -- too crowded and nowhere to sit and people watch!

When in Seattle... 

I forgot to bring my Running for Brews sticker! Everyone takes it on vacation with them to take pictures. Luckily I am never without my coozie (she travels with me in my wallet), so I was able to snag this picture while I waited for the liquid sunshine rain to pass. 

Caught a glimpse of my favorite hammer toting gentleman. 

View of the piers. I haven't been on the ferris wheel yet, fingers crossed it will be sunny on Monday, in which case the mama and I will be there! 

One of my favorite quotes. From the Garden of Remembrance at Benaroya Hall. 

Obviously I had to go Nordstrom! These shoes are to die for. 

Took a lot of will power not to buy any hats/scarves. They would come in useful this week, but never in Florida. I chatted with several sales girls, one from Miami and the other from Portland, but who's boyfriend is from Tampa. Interesting to chat with some girls who understand so well my impressions of Florida. 

I've always loved to chat

But I have found myself initiating so many more conversations these days. I don't know if its because I'm more confident, have been changed by Florida or used to talking to strangers since I had to to make friends in Florida. Most likely it is a combination. 

While sitting at Starbucks, waiting for that liquid sunshine to pass, I chatted with a deaf couple. They are debating between moving to Seattle and Jacksonville, Florida. The wife went to Gallaudet University in DC and encouraged me to visit if I ever have the chance. They had a lot to say about speech pathology (both good and bad) and encouraged me to learn sign language. In all my free time. I joke, but it is something I am interested in doing. I love that I am in a field where I am able to have so many unexpected, spontaneous, interesting and thought provoking conversations. Having to explain the field, my interests, correct misunderstandings and defend our current practices helps me to create a better understanding for myself of my relationship to the field. 

When it was finally time to leave downtown I was grateful. And pooped. I had to leave the house at 2:30 Tuesday morning, but didn't get done packing until after 10pm Monday night. I finally fell asleep around 11. So, running on 3 hours of sleep... doesn't make for the happiest of Sofias! 

 When we got home I wasn't thrilled with the frigid 62 degrees at which my mom keeps her apartment. Once I threw on my footie pajamas and both my down vests I was much happier! Imagine my glee when I crawled into the sleeping bag she had out for me - the one that is suitable for temps as low as -10! Perhaps I have adapted to the heat more than I thought. 

Speaking of, I was freezing this morning as I made my way to the gym. It was so cold in the gym that I kept my sweatshirt and rain jacket on while I elliptical-ed. Took almost 15 minutes before I felt warm enough to strip down to my shorts and tank top. The circuit was hard, but what else is new?! Lot of plyometrics and bodyweight stuff. I swear that hurts more than CrossFit. An hour later I was tired, and still cold, but happy. I love my little bootcamp at ProRobics. It always feels like home when I'm there. I feel like the group knows and accepts me. Even when I complain. That's my kind of group! 

Breakfast took me down the hill from my mom's to the Volunteer Park Cafe. One of my favorite places to curl up with a hot coffee and a good book. 

Their case of baked goods is always so tempting. 

This morning a proper breakfast was in order. House-made granola, apple compote, organic yogurt and lavender honey. I could eat this for days. I'm going to have to make my own granola one of these days.  

If I had it my way I would have stayed there all day. Sadly school beckoned and I need to go somewhere with internet. Coffee shop hopping!! Reminds me of undergrad. 

Over to Zoka I went for a peppermint tea and to figure out this HAPP3 scoring business. 

After that insanity this girl deserved a cocktail 

The "Sofia" at Tutta Bella. Had to get it

See that spiffy Patagonia vest?! It was waiting here for me in Seattle. My mom bought it because she was "worried that I was going to be cold the whole time." At first I was a little offended that she either A. didn't trust me to pack or B. thought I'd turned into a Floridian baby! Really I am thankful for her thoughtfulness.

We had this awesome view of Denny Blaine Park and the Space Needle as we had happy hour pizzas and salad at the South Lake Union Tutta Bella. 

We decided on Tutta Bella because we were picking up our turkey at Whole Foods and decided we were too hangry to go anywhere else! 

While we were at Whole Foods I took the opportunity to snap some pictures of the salad bar. 

I've been disappointed with the Whole Foods salad bar in Tampa and figured I'd take a picture. That way the next time I see the guy that stocks to bar he can have a better idea of my complaints. Yes, I am that girl. 

I was going to take more pictures but a couple were staring at me like I was crazy. 
*They were wearing Cougar sweatshirts, I shouldn't have been threatened by their judgments!*

It has been dark since 4:30! I don't miss that. Struggling to stay awake, but I will be making it to the Little Red Hen tonight. Going to get my dance on, sing some karaoke and shamelessly flirt with boys. 


I am thankful for this trip home. It has opened my eyes. Not only will I not let the fear of failure stop me, but I will also stop telling myself that I am failing. Because I'm not. 

I am thankful for this opportunity to re-group and get it together! 
The girls I go to school with can tell you - I was a big hot mess. 
It is embarrassing how much I was not holding it together! 

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Where is home for you and how often do you get back there? Do you have a home base fitness-wise? 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

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