Sunday, November 18, 2012

No Matter How Hard It Rains

"This Skyline is Etched in My Veins"


Since I can't do anything the way ordinary people do I have bought a last minute plane ticket home. 

I have felt so discouraged and lost these last few weeks at school. I thought staying down here over Thanksgiving might help me focus, but I can tell that some time in the Emerald City is just what this girl needs to finish the term out strong. 


I had a lot of fun with Running for Brews this week, somehow managing to hit up all three South Tampa Runs (this is nothing short of a miracle!)

We had a great turnout to our Alzeheimer's Glow Run Thursday night. 

 Doing what I do best ~ meeting new people and getting them hooked up with punches! Everyone is eligible to earn punches for sharing their participation on social media. 20 punches = Running for Brews shirt!

A little over a month ago some of us went to Southern Brewing and Wine Making and made four kegs of beer! Last night we met at the Pour House to taste our creations. 

Such a fun group. Some of us ladies decided it need to be a "Primping for Brews" event. 

We want people to know that we look good every once in a while, after all, why else run so often?! 

 Unfortunately I was a bit late to the festivities last night. The TriBulls had the pleasure of volunteering for the Special Olympics Bowling in Orlando. 

The event was a lot of fun, and the speechie in me was re-energized. So much participation and good, spontaneous language going on. Bowling is such a great sport for the special Olympics because everyone truly can participate! I was on award duty and I really needed all the hugs and high fives I got at the end of the event. 


Its 30 degrees colder in Seattle than Tampa right now! 

I'll be fine as long as I wear this, right?! 

But seriously it is going to feel so cold. It is November and I was just doing yoga in the park. 

Everyone wears long pants in 70 degree weather - right? How about going barefoot-ed in November?

I guess Florida isn't so bad after all. 

I'm off to bed! Gotta get up early to get my spin on at the Y. Might even sneak in a few laps at the pool (aka work on my tan one last time before I head home...). Look forward to some fun Seattle posts! I have bootcamps to attend, miles to get in, coffee to drink and seafood to eat! 

Can't wait to see me some mountains, until then,
xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

Have you ever spontaneously entered a race? What distance and how did you do? Where is home for you? How often do you get to go home?

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