Thursday, December 6, 2012

Grab a Spoon

Peanut Butter to the Rescue 

Biking is starting to make me happy. 

I had so much fun, I forgot to take off my helmet when I was in the car. Extra safety never hurt. I hopped on my bike Tuesday, and immediately my legs felt awesome. I am in love with the positive effects of a rest day. My "moderate" pace was faster and easier to maintain than the pace I held Saturday. And my sprints felt amazing -- finally started seeing 22 and 23 mph. I think its a mixture of gaining muscle, but also gaining confidence and experience. I'm getting to know my bike and my body better. Can't wait to see what numbers I start pulling in 10-12 weeks! 

First time I finally remembered to wear flip-flops to the pool. Almost makes up for having to swim during high school swim team practice. 

These short swims are great. My sprints in the water aren't nearly as satisfying as my sprints on the bike. I keep trying different strategies to get faster, but no matter what I keep getting the same time on each 25 yard sprint. Frustration! I'm starting to feel less coordinated with every swim. Wishing I had a coach right about now. Cause I have no idea what I am doing wrong. 

In other news, guess who finally hopped on the Charity Miles Bandwagon?! Since I'm training for a {half} iron man, I think it's fitting to do parts of my training for the foundation! 
One of my favorite parts of the Charity Miles are these information pages about the charities! If you aren't sure what a charity is all about, you can click on the "i" in the lower right hand corner. An information page pops up, complete with a short paragraph about the charity's mission, along with a video. If you decide you like the charity, you can even opt to receive tweets from the charity. Love. 

Doing my part to get kids off the couch, out of the house and onto their bikes!! (or into the pool and onto the tracks... after all, it's better when we TRI!!)

Outside of training, this is mostly what my week has looked like:

To be fair that only happened once. The rest of my studying has been far less attractive. Imagine my delight when I got to see the Christmas lights on my Tuesday procrastination for said studying run. 

I love seeing this stuff, but would absolutely never do this to my own house. Who has time for this? And how much do we think they are going to be spending on electricity this month?! 

This is a little more my style. 
Walking by a Christmas tree, at night, in shorts and a tank makes the whole thing feel a bit disingenuous. I know it's December and Floridians are allowed to celebrate Christmas despite the heat, but it just feels so wrong. 

Do you know what is very much not wrong? Winning free, mustachioed merchandise from House of Shandy !!!

So excited! 

As if a mustache pint glass wasn't enough, I even managed to get myself a t-shirt. 

Almost made me feel better about my final today. 

I have two more finals to wrap up before I am a free woman. I'm hoping for smooth sailing, but I feel like I'm due for a bit of a breakdown any moment now. When that happens... 

Here's to hoping I don't have to eat too much peanut butter this weekend. And if I do, let's hope the drive to Whole Foods isn't too congested! 

xoxo SweatnSparkle 

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