Saturday, February 2, 2013

Best. Damn. Race.

The Best Damn Race really was my best damn race! 

A personal best was just what I needed this weekend -- and it's only taken me 15 months of running to FINALLY break 2 hours. 

{1:57.24 to be exact}

Only acquired one new blister, spit on myself twice and had the pleasure of throwing up into the garbage bin after the finish line. Seriously, imagine me, head and body IN the trash with the lid closed on me, heaving. In front of two firemen. Two cute fireman. Karma getting back at me for sprinting out the last turn, trying to pass a boy.  

Might have also been because I didn't have quite enough to eat ahead of time... but Safety Harbor is a 45 minute drive away and I had to get there early to pick up my packet. So I scarfed down half a paleo scone on the way from Jet City! I knew there was a reason I picked two yesterday. The Best Damn Race featured as much free food (Jimmy Johns, bananas, oranges, brownies and pizza) as well as beer as you could eat/drink! I tried to take advantage, but could only muster a few sips of beer! But those Jimmy John sandwiches hit the spot!!! 

The course was fun and beautiful. We got to watch the sun rise over the bay and Tampa! 

The course wound back on itself so many times, it was fun to get the chance to see (and cheer on) so many friends during the race. 

I think I run faster when I'm cheering! 

I have to admit I honestly considered skipping the race this morning. After last week's 12 turned 10 mile run, I was worried I wouldn't be able to finish the run today. Stupid fear. Clearly I can run 13.1 miles, I was actually worried I wouldn't post a good time. 
Another stupid fear! 

I've been working hard and I needed deserved this race to prove to MYSELF that the work is paying off. 

I'm 100% a better person today for having raced. 

It was one of the weirdest runs I've ever had. I raced smart, and despite denying I had a plan, I not only had a plan but I executed it perfectly. The weird part was the it felt slow. The whole run my legs felt heavy

I opted not to wear my Garmin, I didn't need the pressure of knowing my splits and my heart rate. I ran for the fun of running, and was shocked at each mile marker when I was still running sub-9 minute miles! There was even on 8 minute mile snuck in there. If I'd had to guess, I would have thought I was running 10+ minute miles. For serious, it felt that slow. I couldn't believe the splits I was calculating, so at mile 8 I asked some guys behind me if the markers were accurate - the assured me that they were VERY precise. I just continued to be shocked. My heart rate and breathing both felt under control, and I didn't feel like I was really pushing myself that hard. Which was the plan, to see how fast I could run when staying relaxed and under control - on tired legs. 

No I didn't just hop off a 56 mile bike ride, but this week TORE my legs up! I was in no way fresh this morning, but I still had my fastest time yet. Can't wait to see what happens in 6 weeks!!!!! 

But before I get ahead of myself, I have some pictures from you! Before the race, hanging out with our Running for Brews Sponsors, Fit2Run.

Such a fun group!! 

A little collage I stole from Johnny!! It was his first 13.1 (besides that pesky one he had to run on his half IronMan!), and he was out of control with the pictures/social media MID-RACE. Duh he kicked my patootie, beating me by nearly 10 minutes!! 

All in all I am so glad I showed up this morning! Got to see my training partner and friend Amanda win our division in the half! So many other friends placed in their division, and it seemed everyone I talked to had a PR. Sounds like a Best Damn Race to me! 

I feel re-energized and re-focused on my goals. Not ever run is going to be stellar, but my training is working and preparing me to show up and PERFORM on race day. I'm ready to attack tomorrow's 55 miles on the bike, the maybe sneak in some beach time before hitting the books. Who are we kidding, the books are going to be hit the second I finish this post, gotta think of more things to tell you ; )

Nah, that's all I got! Hope your Saturday treats you as well as mine has treated me, 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

What was the last race you PR'd?
What makes a race the best damn race you've competed in?
What do you eat before you race?! 
{I'm seriously struggling on this one, haven't found the best combination yet...}


  1. Sofie, it sounds like you're doing awesome! My last PR was on the STP last summer (12hrs & 8min ride time for 203 miles), the best races for me are the ones where things just feel good and go well, cuz' that is FUN! And my go-to meal before triathlons was always oatmeal & banana. Depending on how long before the start I was eating, I might sneak an egg or two in also, but oatmeal & banana always served me well. Good luck in your half-iron! I need to man up and do another one of those, cuz' my last experience wasn't my best...
    <3 Cori

  2. Thanks Cori!! I eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast, but around 7 or 8, then come race day and I struggle to eat at 4am... guess I just need to woman up and scarf it down? I agree about the good races - I was just telling someone Friday night that after rowing for so many years, it's fun to be part of a sport where winning isn't the goal (also where I am actually doing the work to compete!!)! I'm hoping I LOVE the half-iron man, but then give myself wayyyyy more time to train for any future races!