Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oh Hey!

I swear, I swear I am still alive. 

I think I have finally found my limits. I couldn't take on a single extra responsibility at this point if you paid me. Every minute of the day is accounted for. Unfortunately none of those minutes have been allocated to blogging. When I do find myself with free time I'd rather sneak in a few extra miles, beers or laughs with friends! 

Right now, I have 25 more minutes until I need to be at Tampa General to get some extra training for school. Because school has taken over. Between my normal clinic hours, I've taken on an extra therapy group, my thesis and programming a device that includes me trying to figure out some basic computer coding.

 SO. It's been a tumultuous month since I last blogged. I've struggled with being nice to myself in regards to training. School has to come first. It's what I moved here for, and why I'm about to be in massive amounts of debt. Also, it's really my passion. 

I love triathlons. I love swimming. I'm starting to love biking. And I can negotiate the run ;) But Speech and Language Pathology, my clients and my research fuel me. I might complain about how busy I am {I've truly never been this tired from school work} but I thrive on this type of craziness. 

Aspects of this field scare me more than anything. Right now, my thesis is the terror in my life. 

But despite the insanity, something miraculous has happened over the last month. Not only have I lived without internet for the last month, but I have calmed down enough to start watching movies. Straight through. All of it. Long ones. 

Sometimes I'm not even doing school work during these movies. Those of you who know me well will be shocked. I even sit still. Like the whole time. On the couch. Clearly not surfing the internet because I don't have it. And do you know what I have discovered? These movies are so good!! 

Crazy, huh?

So it's been overwhelming, but I'm doing it. 

Re-prioritizing my life has been painful and difficult, but oh-so-important. 

I'm throwing my whole being into everything I do. {Because that's what I always do}
So I want my heart focused and trained towards what I deem to be the important things. Training will always be there. I only get two years one more year is school. I have to soak it up, and learn everything I can. 

But I'm still working on these babies ; ) 

So it's time to jet!! I just wanted to check in. People have still been reading every week - which just gives me so much happiness. So I apologize for being busy. Two more weeks of school, then a month off. I will be blogging during that month. Mostly from Seattle :)!!!

So until then: Sweat hard and Sparkle often! 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle

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