Tuesday, August 7, 2012

From tits to coconuts, getting 'er done!

Florida has been ok fantastic!

Last night we had a really good time meeting Megan and her friends at the Irishmen in Boca Raton. We were a bit skeptical when we first rolled into the parking lot, but the evening turned out to be a lot of fun. Since Monday night is college night the bar doesn't even try to keep the fun at bay - instead tables are pulled together in the main open space, creating areas for drinking games. 

At the Irshmen

We learned how to play Tits - a game similar to beer pong, in that there are cups of beer you are trying to get a ping pong ball into, but the game is a lot more fun and interactive than beer pong. Your partner stands across the table from you at the opposite corner and you each have three cups in front of you. You play at the same time as another set of players at the same table. A player on each team throws the ball and it must bounce off the table, onto the teammates chest then into a cup. If the ball lands in the cup you shout "TITS." Then the teammate on the other team that is standing next to you must drink the cup, and flip it (just like flip cup) onto the table. Once they do that they can resume play with their ball. You can play the entire time they are drinking/flipping. The game ends when one team has gotten rid of all their cups. 

That was a lot of typing, but I loved the game so much and I really think it needs to spread outside of Florida. So there. I bequeath it to the masses! 

Tuesday was a long day at work for Ashley, so I was able to adventure around Ft. Lauderdale! After a couple hours stealing interwebs at the nearest Starbucks, I decided it was time to stop worrying! I treated myself to a dip in the pool and few minutes in the sun with my book, then I dropped into CrossFit Muscle Farm.

Those guys are seriously farming some muscles.

After today's WOD I'm pretty sure I'd look like a beast after a few months of their programming!!

They have only been open for a few weeks, and don’t quite have the membership to fill the various classes the offer, so it was just me WOD-ing solo with one of the coaches. The skill was overhead squats, and I was really annoyed at the weight I got to! It was only sets of three so I was excited to do at least 70lbs. Before I left Portland we did a 5-5-5-5-5 overhead squat skill. I kept getting four in at 70 lbs, I must have tried six or seven times and just couldn’t get that fifth squat in! In my head that meant sets of three would be a piece of cake. Turns out a week of driving in the car doesn’t make for good muscle maintenance. Boo.

We busted out the squats quickly and started on the most hellacious WOD ever.

9 rounds for time:

7 squat cleans
8 burpee box jumps

The Rx weight for the squat cleans was 185!! HOLY COW. I struggled with 65lbs. The Rx box jump was 30”. I only could do one at 30”  and then opted for 20”. It was at least 95° out. I can’t believe I made it through all 9 rounds, in just under 30 minutes no less. Breathing was nearly impossible and sweat was pooling on the ground around my ankles. But persist I did and wow did I feel like a badass afterwards!

Photo from Muscle Farm website - total badass status! 

Just as I stepped out of the shower Ash called to inform some margaritas were being served over at the salon. I was dressed and out the door in minutes. After a tour of the salon and a delightful drink we headed over to Coconuts for a salad. The crab cake salad might have been one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten. We paired it with a tasty bottle of white wine – turns out in Florida it is legal to take the bottle home with you! We each had a glass and have plenty left over – can’t wait to break back into that baby…

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