Monday, August 6, 2012

Reunited and it feels so good!!

Saturday morning I got an excited call from Ashley to tell me her work party had been upgraded from a small function at the salon she works at to a full on rager at a DJ's house. The margarita's would be flowing, the music bumping and the backyard oasis ready for our enjoyment. Needless to say I was there! 

I quickly stopped in Tampa to empty my car into the storage unit I had rented. Seeing all of your belongings fit into a 3ft x 3ft until is a little unnerving. It was hard to fit all into the PriPri, which gave me the impression that I had actually brought a fair amount of stuff. Boy was I wrong. I have given a new meaning to "traveling light!" 

A Chipotle caught my eye on my way to the unit and I drove back to it to grab some lunch. As fate would have it, Chipotle was in the same shopping center as the scrubs store -- so now I know where to go to get those babies. I can't wait to pick up my scrubs. I am excited to look official during my clinical practicums. 

In Ft. Lauderdale I found Ashley getting ready to start a baking project. Naturally I was game to help out. Since the party was to celebrate mourn her deportation return to Canada, she thought it would be fun to decorate some cupcakes to look like both the American and Canadian flags. It was funny because she decorated the American flag while I took charge of the maple leaf!
How did we do? 

The party was filled with Ashley's awesome co-workers. The house was beautiful and perfect for a party.
We had a good time dancing and chatting the night away. 

Ashley and I with her fun co-workers 

Doing what we do best - looking cute and drinking ritas! 

Sunday was a lazy day. Almost so lazy I couldn't remember what we did! We strolled down by the beach to the salon where we had left my car the night before. It was so hot we dropped into a hotel for some breakfast and to cool off. I went to the bathroom to wipe my face off with a towel and was surprised at what I saw in the mirror! I had never seen so much sweat in one place before. 

After a delicious breakfast, I had an asparagus omelet and salad, we drove back to the condo and got ready to go to the gym. Unfortunately the member services at L.A. Fitness suck and they wouldn't let me come in as a guest unless I paid $15! No way. Ashley went in while I went to the grocery store for a magazine. When she was done we both went to Whole Foods.
Such a treat! Real food! Real produce! 

Me by the pool, loving the sunshine! Still feel like I have to hoard it,
hopefully soon I'll remember that seeing the sun is going to be a daily affair : ) 

We spent the rest of the day lounging by the pool, watching the Olympics and
treating ourselves to this dinner courtesy of our bounty from Whole Foods: 

Salmon with cilantro-lime-pineapple salsa and asparagus
Not pictured: baked sweet potato fries 

Woke up early this morning for the Monday morning pre-work hot yoga session at Barkan Method Hot Yoga. It was almost less hot inside the studio than outside - but just as muggy! I haven't done yoga in so long, I was surprised that I made it through the whole work out. Usually I feel so sick I have to lay down for a significant period of time. Not today. I felt really strong during the class and happy we went after. I don't think I have ever sweat that much during yoga! 

So cute right now.

Yummy Washington blueberries were a welcome treat post-Hot Yoga! 

Enjoyed them out of a Seattle mug : ) 

A quick trip to the mall to return a shirt gave me the opportunity to drool over several sparkly shoes.

Why don't these come in my size?! 

Since hot yoga wasn't enough Ash and I each went out separate ways this afternoon. I tried to replicated the CrossFit WOD they did in Portland today. I ran to the local park, and got myself set up with a few pull-ups. Then did three rounds of: 

20 park bench jumps 
30 push ups 
40 air squats 
50 walking lunges

Everyone at home did four rounds and did 20 kettle bell swings. Obviously I don't have a kettle bell, and I used the grass to cushion my knees for push-ups. 
It was so muggy and hot I called with quits after three rounds.  


Classic before and after shot. That was the difference between when I left Ashley's and when I got to the park 4 blocks later! You don't want to see the after the WOD picture. Trust me.  I don't know if I am ever going to get over how much I sweat down here! 

I look so silly walking back with dirty knees - oh well. 

Ash and I are being true Seattelites - set up in Starbucks stealing Internet so I can blog. Tonight we are going to go meet a girl in program at a bar up in Boca Raton! I'll tell you more about it tomorrow I'm sure. I am really glad I have this time to have a mini-vacation with a close friend before school starts. It is making this move a lot less frightening, not to mention easing my transition to South Florida! 

I'm going to finish my snacks so we can get out of here and party with some college kids on a Monday night. After all - when you are in South Florida, do as the South Floridians do! 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle

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