Thursday, August 2, 2012

Going out with my boots on

I love Nashville! 

I die.

I rolled into town around 5:30, checked into my hotel and got my patootie over to CrossFit Music City.

Their gym is HUGE. They said it is one of the biggest in the country, and I don't doubt it! 

Hard to get a good picture of this place, it's gigantic!
A run around the building is 400 meters - double the size of running around the block in Portland. 

The first coach I talked to was so friendly and helpful. Turns out her brother will be going to University of Portland in the Fall. Instantly I was jealous, I have started to worry that I am making a huge mistake - but that is just the fear and the loneliness talking! Anyways she knows some people who CrossFit down in Tampa, I am going to e-mail her next week and she'll get us connected. I love how supportive and helpful the CrossFit community is! 

We did a group warm-up and then ran a mile. 

On the left is me when I first showed up, and the right is after the mile... not even to the WOD yet and I am already dying!! 


When we came back from the run we did some mobility, then had to quickly set up for the WOD. I had no idea what the WOD would be. One of the coaches explained they don't post the WOD the day before anymore because they don't want people to decide not to come because it looks too hard. 

WHAT??!! I love knowing the WOD ahead of time! 

Anyways, turns out it was a 9 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of: 

3 Muscle Ups 
6 Thrusters Rx - 95

Instead of Muscles ups I did 12 pull-ups (unaided - woot!) and 12 ring dips. I did the thrusters at 75lbs. I knew after Fran Monday that 75 would be plenty heavy! I only got through two rounds and then 6 pull-ups. The transitions killed me - every time I stopped moving I became aware of how hot I was, my heart rate and how hard it was to breathe. 
It's going to take awhile to get used to the heat.

Post-WOD with the board! So much sweat right now. 

What happens when someone tells me to "Do a cool flex!" Haha
I'll ned to work on it : ) 

I was so excited I did all 30 pull-ups without a band! Not so excited when I looked at my hands at the end... 

Luckily it was still in the 90's by the time I got back to my hotel and I was able to take a refreshing cold shower! (keeping those puppies pain free) 

I'm glad I saw a different style and a bigger gym. It was a lot of fun, I felt really challenged, but I could also tell it wasn't for me. The whole hour felt more to me like practice did in college. I've already done that and I am competitive enough! In Tampa I'm going to look for a gym that will be challenging, but where people can be a bit silly without feeling like someone will be disappointed in them. I do CrossFit for Sofia; I think the team mentality occurs naturally when you are putting yourself through the WOD's together, I'm just not looking for anything as strict as what I experienced with college athletics. 


Finally! Time to hit up the town. I knew from Marlaina that Nashville was going to be a fun, friendly town. It started at the hotel when the young woman behind the counter was so excited that I had cleaned up and was going out. She was so surprised that I was surprised she liked my outfit even down to the boots. I tried to explain people in Seattle and Portland don't really wear cowboy boots out, she was shocked! I wore the same thing I wore square dancing last week, but didn't feel like I was wearing a costume,
 I felt like I fit in and looked great! 

Last weekend in Ballard before the Tractor Tavern Square Dance

 I had no idea what to expect of downtown Nashville, but I loved it. Found a smaller, quieter bar to slip into. I sat at the bar so I could chat with the bartenders and look at what greeted me: 

You read that right, hipster special. Well's shot and a draft PBR for $6! 

I was so excited! I hadn't planned on drinking, since I had to drive back to the hotel 
and I didn't feel comfortable drinking alone in a new city... but I can't resist the hipsters! 

After my burger and hipster special I had to walk around awhile. Those amazing sparkly boots at the beginning of the post were in the window at Betty Boots. I couldn't muster the courage to go look at the price. 
Amazing as they are, I still love my boots with the fringe : ) 

Nashville is so loud; every bar had live music flooding the street with familiar, welcoming and thrilling tunes. I didn't want to feel like I had to drink more, so I just had fun walking up and down the various strips listening to music and people watching. I can't wait to go back with some girlfriends so we can truly experience Nashville! 

Loving me some Nashville! 

 Gotta go to bed now, as much as I am loving Nashville I have more driving to get after tomorrow. 
Watch out Nashville, I'll be back! 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

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