Sunday, August 12, 2012

South Beach

Saturday morning we woke with a spring in our step got our butts out of bed and headed to the beach... South Beach to be exact. I had never been to Miami so I was excited to see what the buzz is all about. 

Definitely didn't hate it! 

We got there early, just after ten, with towels, snacks and books in tow. As we settled onto our towels on the sand, I absentmindedly told Ashley we needed to be adopted by on of the rich families relaxing nearby on cabanas and lounge chairs. Almost half an hour later, as Ashley was cooling off in the ocean  a woman approached me. I was reading and didn't realize she was talking to me at first. Probably because she kept asking if I spoke English. As an American who only speaks English I was so startled and shocked that it took me awhile to respond - probably cementing it even more in this woman's head that I was uber foreign. Turns out they were on vacation with their kids from Kansas and had rented their cabana and lounge chairs until 5:30, but had to leave for the airport at 2 -- did we want their chairs?

Heck yes we do! 

Obviously we had to take some cartwheel pictures... 

And to think, I wasn't invited to London to show off these sweet moves... 

Gearing up to get after it! 

Overall the beach treated us well. Between the water, sun and sand I would say it was the perfect way to spend a summer day. I enjoyed getting a bit further in the book I've been neglecting! Gotta finish that baby before I can no longer read for pleasure. It will happen, no reason to deny it. 

Matching outfits for Ashley's birthday completed out time on the beach! I am not used to the sun down here and could have used a second (and probably even a third) sunscreen application. My skin was a weird tan and red color that disturbed me, but Ash said it wasn't as bad as I thought. Today it looks much better -- super tan, but one color all over! 

It's always sunny when we're together.

We strolled around the downtown for a bit. Ashley did her first half-marathon earlier in the year down in South Beach, so it was fun to hear her talk about the different mile marker memories she has down there. It is funny the things you remember about races when you go back and visit the course! 

I loved all the art deco architecture! So many cool building designs, fonts and colors. Another trip to South Beach is going to be in my future. 

Turns out Versace has a place in South Beach -- photo op for sure! 

Clearly they knew we'd be visiting and quickly erected this date stamped thermometer. 
See it was hot! Plus with the humidity it doesn't matter the temperature, being outside is pretty much unbearable. 

Ended the day spotting a Washington license plate. I was so excited! Secretly I was hoping they would see me taking the picture and come over... sigh... didn't happen. Being so far from home almost anything familiar is exciting! 

When we finally got back to Ft. Lauderdale I was out! I started napping on and off around 5:30 and at 9 I just gave up and crawled into bed. Not our most wild night, but definitely a good day. 

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