Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Don't we all...

Love to Jerk, Hate to Clean 

Well today I was loving me some clean and jerks
At CrossFit813 we do most of our skill work based off percentages of our one rep max. This has been a point of frustration because (a) we never did this in Portland so I'm not used to it (b) I don't know my one rep max (c) I am not as strong as I was in June. So I was thrilled today when I saw we were going to be doing some one rep max (1RM) testing!  

After warming up we had 20 minutes to find our one rep max. My first attempt at 100 was terrible. I'd already done two attempts at 65, 75, 85 and 95. I like to be really warm. Plus I over-think things and like to stabilize for sure before moving up in weight.  I wasn't feeling very much power behind my cleans. My second attempt at 100 was amazing. Today was my first time at that weight for any overhead movement. The jerk was so smooth. 

How come adding five pounds ruins everything?! 

Bumping up to 105 killed any momentum I thought I'd created. I just couldn't clean it. I was pulling early, then loading for too long the not dropping enough. I'm positive if I had that baby on my shoulders the jerk would have been easy-peasy. 

I guess this little guy is right. Plus from a functional perspective (the only one as far as I'm concerned), in what situation will I be pushing over 100 pounds over my head where I don't first have to lift it from the ground? I know I'm not likely to have to lift over 100 pounds over my head often, but most adults are over 100 pounds, right? And in the event one needs to be moved somewhere they aren't going to be at my shoulder height/in the rack position. I know this is a lousy example, why would I need to lift an adult over my head ~ we are escaping zombies and I see a zombie proof wall ahead; if I just get my friend over she will be safe!! Even if I'm training in excess of the functional weights I encounter, I like for the movements to reflect the movements I will encounter in my real life. Otherwise it really isn't good cross training. 

So I know what I need to work on. Being more explosive on those cleans. 

I did a little snooping and ran across the 131% rule for the clean and jerk.  Basically the best clean/jerkers (?) can back squat 131% of their clean and jerk. Bob Takano uses this ratio to expedite gains. If he gives a target for the clean and jerk he makes sure his athletes train their back squat off 131% of that target. Where am I going with this?! Well, since my 1RM back squat was 130 a few weeks ago and today my clean and jerk was 100 not only is that easy math, but I also fit the 131% rule pretty perfectly! If I keep an eye on the ratio perhaps I can ensure that both numbers increase together : ) Maybe I like this %age training after all.  

The WOD was pretty fantastic too. Those lateral jump burpees were terrible though. We actually had to jump over boxes laterally! And shoulder touches are a scale for handstand pushups (but we all did shoulder touches today). Head faces the wall, feet up and touch shoulder with same side hand. In order to be RX you had to do the double unders unbroken. Previously my consecutive PR was 13. Today I would get to 17 or 18 and choke. Once I even got to 19. RUDE. I didn't realize I'd gotten better at them. Another thing to practice because if I can start stringing together 30+ then I'll be ecstatic. 

Also got voted best dressed today. It's impressive what a little hot pink, turquoise and neon yellow will do! Probably helped that my shoes are also pink and neon yellow! : ) 

If I can't lift the most I can definitely keep dressing the best!  

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

What are your go-to colors for work out clothes? Favorite oly lift? Most recent PR? 

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