Thursday, November 15, 2012

Get Your Diamonds on the Inside

And if that doesn't work, add some sparkle to your oatmeal! 

I need this spoon. 

Pretty excited to jazz up my oatmeal! 

Usually I just use water, but this morning I use a cup of almond milk. It was a bit runny still after a minute and a half in the microwave, so in it went for another minute! 

A handful of sliced almonds, two shakes of coconut and a sprinkle of chocolate chips later and I am one happy girl. 

Seriously a little bit goes a long way. Not sure I'll be able to eat the whole thing. 


Last night I had a great run and was able to donate 75 cents to Habitat for Humanity! 

I was chatting with a friend at run club last night about this charity. He had a good question - Who are the corporate sponsors? It is a good question, because as of right now the only companies I have seen in association with the app are the charities receiving donations. 

A little digging around the interwebz found this FAQ courtesy of Charity Miles. They are putting up the first million while they look for corporate sponsors. Effectively they have created a one year and 4,000,000 mile challenge! The idea is to create a platform through which corporate sponsors could integrate their brand into the app. After each run, when you select "Finish" you have the option to be sponsored. When you accept the sponsorship the app posts to your facebook. 

You have to connect to the internet on your phone in order to accept the sponsorship. Took me awhile to figure this out! I don't love the idea of companies blasting my facebook wall in the future, but depending on the company and their message, it might be worth it for charity!

 Speaking of running, though I'm primarily focused on the triathlons now, I still have my eye set on running the inaugural D.C. Nike Women's Half-Marathon. 

The San Francisco NWM was my first half and I think it would be a blast (not to mention way flatter) to run the D.C. event. Plus, this girl could get used to getting a certain little blue box every year! 

Registration has yet to open, but luckily I am again a student and can get automatic entry if I so wish. The other thing I saw when perusing their website is that they are looking for NWM College Brand Ambassadors. Thoughts? I don't see why I shouldn't apply... an e-mail is listed to contact. I think I might just have to go for it! It could be a fun race to represent! 

I also have to tell you I thought I was so clever last night. I wore my "Some girls chase boys - I pass 'em" head band last night and was stoked to have a good run. 
And a good run it was. I have never been in the lead for that long. 
So here is the clever part: It is hard to pass boys when you are ahead of them. 

I am such a nerd. I was so excited to blog about that, until I was passed in the last quarter of a mile. Boo. To be fair the boy were probably a lot faster than me, but had never done the route and as such were forced to follow me. 

A pretty course, even in the dark! 

I usually either run slowly or cut Wednesdays short (so much other training...) but since I quit crossfit I've had so much extra energy. Averaged 8:35 mmiles last night. And the fella's complimented my ability to maintain the same speed on the "hills." This cracks me up. A slight incline, such as on a bridge, is not a hill. But I will take compliments where I can get them! In December I'll have to try and take a picture of Interstate to show the types of hills I usually suffer through I am used to. 

I might not be clever, but I sure am bright! 


Well my oatmeal is almost entirely gone and so it is time to get my patootie moving. I meant to get over to the Y for a 5:30 am spin class. Wonder why that didn't happen?! One day it will. So in the meantime I need to get to campus for the noon spin. And it is that time in the term to buy more printer ink and paper. I have officially printed over 500 pages. This whole graduate school thing is out of control. If only I were good at reading articles on the computer. Sigh.

As always:  


xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

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