Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mixmixmix it up

Got some treats in the mail this morning. 

Had to custom order a blog inspired headband from BondiBand!

Some girls chase boys, I pass 'em. 

Getting ready to pass the fellas tonight! 
I don't think they'll miss me whizzing by in these neon shortsies! 

I am so bad about hoarding cards. I love them. But with these I vow to send them to friends. I already left one for my friend Danielle. I owed her a few bucks from the weekend and knew one of these cards would be perfect for delivering my debt! 

Anyone doing their first event? Can I hook you up with a card? 

I've had a roller-coaster-ride of a day. 

Routine keeps me sane on days like today. I don't really change up my eating habits a whole bunch. I realized last night chatting with someone about my blog that reason I don't post about food very often is that my food isn't interesting very often. 

My newest change has been adding PB2 to my morning oatmeal. 

I bought this a few months ago and was super skeptical. It is powdered peanut butter. Two tablespoons has about 45 calories with no added sugar. Supposedly they remove a lot of fat without the use of any chemicals. Honestly when I bought it I didn't realize it was powdered. And I hated it mixed with water. But I LOVE it mixed into my morning oats. It makes the whole bowl a sticky, yummy, gooey mess that I just can't get enough of. 

Tomorrow my oatmeal is going to get a new twist. 

These ingredients are about to be the basis of what might be the best oatmeal ever. Stay tuned. 

Lunch today was a meal I've posted about before

Quinoa salad and turkey burgers. 

It is so simple to make enough for lunches/dinner that it really is one of my Sunday night go to's. I'm going to search the internet/blogosphere this week though to come up with something new to share with you all. I can be way more creative! 

I mean, life is too short to eat only turkey burgers and quinoa salad - even if they are delicious! 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

What are your go-to meals? What was the last thing you ordered online? 

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