Monday, March 4, 2013

CrayCray in February

And February has been a month of crazy. Lots of racing, and as such lots of over use injuries. Which means I didn't really train as much as I would have liked, for fear of really hurting myself. 

Started the last weekend in February off with a 15k with my Ragnar/Running for Brews family! 

77 degrees and 77% humidity at 6:45 in the morning meant that by 8, there wasn't a dry spot on my body! So much sweat. 

The PriPri was responsible for doing a lot of the heavy lifting this weekend. She hauled four bikes to Port St. Lucie! Which meant I had to be creative with putting my bike in the car. Which means the PriPri also got her first tat... : ( 

Two pink bikes in the back! 

The team at packet pick-up Saturday. Clearly the girls have the mostest school pride! 

Reppin' some more school spirit at 5 in the morning. Totes ready to race. And by ready to race, I really mean ready to crawl back into bed. My foot was giving me some trouble, and I was sore from the previous day's run. But race I did. 

Post-race brunch at Club Med was the best. Actually racing at Club Med had lots of perks. The course wasn't my favorite, but the resort was fun! And I didn't actually race for brews this weekend, had to be a responsible driver. Plus by this point my body was pretty angry. My right foot had several new blisters on top of the old blister I acquired during the St. Pete Rock-N-Roll Half. Plus the outside was tender, throbbing and blacknblue! 

Luckily, I woke up this morning with a much less tender foot. Going to stick to the pool and bike this week, hopefully I'll be back to running next week. Turns out five medals, in four weeks with only three weekends of racing equals a bit of overuse. 

But it also turned into a lot of bling! Time to finally decide which medal holder to get. 

xoxo Sweat&Sparkle 

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